Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wet n Wild Night Prowl

Hi all,

Today I have a polish that I got in a swap package from a lovely MUA'er :) Wet n Wild isn't easily available in The Netherlands, although some webshops sell it :)

wet n wild wnw night prowl black base magenta purple glitter nail polsih nailswatchesWet n Wild Night Prowl, three coats in daylight. Night Prowl is a black base filled with magenta/red based purple glitter. The glitter shows up easily, although some glitter disappears after applying the third coat. The surface isn't completely smooth, but it's not bumpy either. I didn't use a topcoat in this picture and I'm sure that if you use a topcoat, the surface will be completely smooth on this baby.

Application was alright. I'm not really into the skinny brushes and since Wet n Wild has one.. That's a minus on my list. The base was a bit watery, but due to the glitters it was still a bit thick while applying. Drying time was good.

What are your favorites from Wet n Wild? I know Black Creme is an overall favorite because of the stamping, but I wanna know more!


  1. I've got this too! Also from a swap I did awhile ago. I really love this but not so much for the brush. This is the only WnW polish I have. :D

  2. I have this polish and (idk why) still didnt use it, but every time i see a swatch i fall more in love xD... ok ok ok gonna use it this week!

  3. This looks fab - we can get some WnW here in the UK but it never seems to be the interesting ones.

  4. Ooh, very nice! I've actually never used any WnW polishes except for their clear polish (as a base coat).

  5. xnosugaraddedx no the brush is a bit on the skinny side, I'm not a fan of it either

    LadyLuck27 Use it! I think you will like it :)

    Cali369 you can always try to swap for them if you can't find interesting colors in the UK, so maybe that's an option for you?

    Zara I really like their Black Creme as well, I use it for stamping and it works great!


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