Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Color Club What A Drag

Hi all,

A quickie today, because I'm not feeling too well - I think I'm coming down with something so I'm gonna go to bed and hope it will go away.

color club what a drag silver foil femme fatale collection 2009 nail polish nailswatchesColor Club What A Drag, two coats in daylight. What A Drag is a silver foil, plain and simple. It's been in my helmer since like forever, but I finally pulled it out and tried it on. It went on a bit streaky and the polish seems to have ittybitty bumbs in the structure so it doesn't go on that smoothly.

The color and finish are really shiny though, so that's a big plus. I haven't compared this one to Orly Shine yet, but I think they're pretty much the same :)


  1. Oh no, I hope you feel much better tomorrow! That's a very pretty silver. :)

  2. i had a day just like that recently! hope sleep helps!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks ladies :) I felt better a couple of days later, seems like I was only getting a cold or something (thank goodness)


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