Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweet Skittles & Dots

Hi all,

Another mani that looks fun to me! Again, this one is really easy to do and because of the colors, it looks sweet and summery. I used the colors from the Orly Sweet Collection for spring 2010. Yes, I'm aware that I use these polishes a lot so I hope you're not tired of them yet!

orly sweet collection spring 2010 creme nail polish pixy stix lemonade gum drop gumdrop lollipop snowcone nailswatches dots dottingtool skittle maniSweet skittles and dots! I used two coats of each as a base. This is what's on my nails:
Pinkie: Snowcone with Pixy Stix dots
Ring: Lollipop with Snowcone dots
Middle: Gumdrop with Lollipop dots
Index: Lemonade with Pixy Stix dots

It looks so cute and summery. Yes, I know summer is over, but that doesn't mean that we can't wear fun and bright colors any more *rebel*! I might do more of those skittle and dots mani's, it looks kinda cool.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely adorable!! I may have to try this, I seem to do dots pretty often. They're just fun, you know?

  2. i don't blame you for using those polishes a lot! i love the formula on those Orlys.

    i saw a preview for HP Deathly Hallows and thought of you!

  3. Aww that looks super cute! :D

  4. This is cute! I guess this will be a good mani for easter as well :)

  5. :) This is very cute! it would be interesting seeing it in a mette version!

  6. thats so cute
    I loved the dots
    heheh its look like candies

  7. Awwh, thats adorable!!
    I love polka dots as well.
    So easy but gives off such a cute and nice look.

  8. What kind of tool do you use for the dots?

  9. SOOO Cute. These are great easter nails!

  10. Laynie dots are fun, I agree! I didn't do dots too often, but it's really easy and they're very cute

    jbrobeck aw <3! Was it the DH trailer? I have to say: That's an AWESOME trailer!!! *bounces up and down because she is excited for the film*

    Alice I will put in a matte version next time, thanks!

    Ashley I just used a dotting tool! Mine is from Essence, but you can get them from eBay as well, they're really cheap. If you don't have a dotting tool, you can also use a toothpick to create dots :)

    Let them have Polish Hehe yeah I was thinking the exact same thing when I finished this mani!

  11. That is so cute! I love dots for any season. :D


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