About me

My name is Daphne and I'm a 24 year old girl who lives in The Netherlands. My nail polish hobby got a little out of hand ;)

In 2009, I graduated for the study HBO Accountancy and at the time, I was hoping to pick up my study again. Due to illness I haven't been able to start my study, so I started a nail polish blog instead! I really love to be able to blog and show you what I have on my nails and tell you something about my passion. It's my little corner on the internet and I'm glad you come and visit me.

A little more about me.. Some random facts

My favorite books
Too many to name!

My favorite movies
You've Got Mail • Harry Potter Series • Cruel Intentions • Grease

My favorite TV series
Sex and the City • ER • Grey's Anatomy • House

My favorite food
Chocolate • a salmon sandwich with cucumber • strawberries • my mum's nasi with chicken drumsticks • sushi (man, I would eat sushi for breakfast!)