Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ruby Pumps and Smitten With Mittens Compared

Hi all,

A week or so ago, someone told me that OPI Smitten With Mittens looked like China Glaze Ruby Pumps. I thought it was way off, but when I pulled out both of my bottles, they seemed more similar than I thought. Time for a comparison to see how similar they really are.

comparison between opi smitten with mittens swm and china glaze ruby pumps red glitter jelly base nail polish nails nailswatches comparedRuby Pumps is on my pinkie and middle finger, Smitten With Mittens is on my ring and index finger. Both were two coats.

As you can see, Smitten With Mittens is a darker, deeper red than Ruby Pumps. The base of Ruby Pumps is lighter and less pigmented than the base of Smitten With Mittens. The glitter in the two of them is different too, even though that doesn't show up in my picture. The glitter in Ruby Pumps is red, while the glitter in Smitten With Mittens is red and gold. It's a slight difference, but hey, it's there.

There two are not dupes, but have the same feel to them. I prefer Smitten With Mittens because the application was better, but if you're not crazy about red and you own one of these, you probably won't need the other.

If you want to read the post in which I wrote about these polishes,
just click on the name - Smitten With Mittens & Ruby Pumps


  1. I wanted ruby pumps but think I like smitten with mittens better actually :-)

  2. I love these red glitters. I have Orly's Star Spangled but I have not worn it yet.. I hope it looks this good on

  3. I think I prefer Ruby Pumps...not sure, though. They're both very nice.

  4. They are both pretty. To me they are similar enough that I wouldn't feel the need to get both.

  5. Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger I thought I would like Ruby Pumps a lot, but it didn't really "wow" me when I wore it. It's definitely pretty, but I like Smitten With Mittens way more. I wear this more often, too.

    Let them have Polish! I'm wondering about that one. Let me know when you tried it!

    Zara it's kinda hard to pick a favorite haha. They're really similar, just not dupes :)

    Cosmetics Aficionado I think so too. If you own one, you probably won't need the other :)


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