Saturday, October 30, 2010

China Glaze LOL

Hi all,

A quickie today with a polish that I wore a little while ago, when there was still sun and not as much clouds and rain as we have now.

china glaze lol omg collection 2009 holographic purple nail polish nailswatchesChina Glaze LOL, two coats with China Glaze FFWD topcoat in sunlight. LOL is a gorgeous puple holographic polish that gives you the smooth rainbow effect. I have been searching for this one for an affordable price and then just walked right into it when I was at the Beauty Salon Dimension Fair!

china glaze lol omg collection 2009 holographic purple nail polish nailswatchesApplication is a bit tough without my basecoat, but for these pictures (it was also my NOTD) I used my favorite basecoat for this. I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base to make application easier, and it sure did. When I try to apply this baby without that basecoat, it gets patchy and really difficult for me to get an even layer of polish on my nails, not to mention that you would be able to see every flaw ow my nails. Application was great after applying Nfu Oh Aqua Base.

china glaze lol omg collection 2009 holographic purple nail polish nailswatchesA little closeup of the polish in direct light. Ain't that pretty? I'm really pleased with LOL. Even when it's not in direct light, it's a very pretty purple which makes me happy. Some holo's will look a bit dull when they don't have direct light hitting it, but this one doesn't. I like it!

Hmm.. I notice a trend here. Every time I say that this will be a quickie, I type waaaaay more than I was planning to do, making my post longer than an average post. Ah, well..

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love this colour. It is my top favourite China Glaze colour of all time ^_^

  2. I love holo and I love purple. So purple x holo = One True Love ;)


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