Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ruby Pumps Version 2

Hi all,

As you may have noticed, I started reswatching some of my polishes. I don't like my original pictures, either because my nail shape is butt ugly, the color is a bit off or I didn't capture the finish as good as possible. I'm giving some of my polishes a version 2, to show off their stuff. Today is another one: China Glaze Ruby Pumps. I hate my pictures of this one so much that I almost didn't want to link the older post, but here you go. Let's just say that I now know that my current nail shape fits me better :)

china glaze ruby pumps wizard of ooh ahz returns collection 2009 red jelly glitter nail polish nailswatchesChina Glaze Ruby Pumps, three coats in daylight. Ruby Pumps is a gorgeous bright red filled with tons of red glitter in a red base. In my previous post about Ruby Pumps, I wrote that I needed four coats to eliminate vnl. Hm. Maybe I have less to show now, because it was perfectly opaque in three coats!

china glaze ruby pumps wizard of ooh ahz returns collection 2009 red jelly glitter nail polish nailswatchesNothing has changed in the formula, so I'm still pleased! I prefer wider brushes nowadays so that's a little minus, but it's easy to work with so I needed minor cleanup - just because I'm trying to have a perfect gap, which is mission impossible lol.

What are your thoughts on Ruby Pumps?


  1. Daphe! You are so cute. And OCD. Like me! Your old pictures of this polish were not bad! I understand completely though!

  2. Yes, I prefer this nail shape :) It looks great on your hand :)

  3. The name totally fits the polish.
    I actually, really like this glitter polish *_*

  4. Is weird I saw swatches of this polish and in some pictures seems a bright red and en other deep red.

  5. I really love this color. It's such a gorgeous red!

  6. Hmmm, this polish is already on my must get list....

  7. Very pretty! Your old swatches were perfectly fine, but your new swatches just make me want this one more. :)

  8. jbrobeck aw <3 lol you know exactly what I mean right? If I had the time and the patience (mostly the latter) I would reswatch all my older swatches. I can't help it, I think I'm obsessed :P Just like I'm obsessed with reorganizing my stash every once in a while.. Even if it's not completely necessary hehe.

    Alice thanks! I agree on the nailshape hehe. I don't think I will let my nails get that long again, it just doesn't fit me

    MariaAndrea van der wall arneman It's really a bright red, on my screen it's color accurate. I've never seen a deep red version of Ruby Pumps (yet), but maybe it's like Emerald Sparkle and there are multiple versions of it?

    Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger Either this or OPI Smitten With Mittens is a musthave ;)


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