Saturday, February 27, 2010

Essie Sag Harbor

Hi all!

Is everyone enjoying their weekend? I know I am, so I have a relatively short post for you, though I have more than one picture to show this pretty :)

Essie Sag Harbor, three coats in daylight. Oh my! Sag Harbor is a grey polish with blue undertones and hidden shimmer. It looks a little more blue irl. It took me quite a while to get my hands on this pretty, but I finally managed to get it off eBay. Sag Harbor is a part of the Essie Nortfork Collection of fall 2009 and this was a Limited Edition. I'm still trying to get my hands on Greenport, no luck yet with this one.. Anyway, Sag Harbor is truly gorgeous. I love this polish and when I'm can, I will certainly buy myself a backup bottle. Application was a bit streaky with the first coat, but this evened out while I applied the second coat. I'm merely doing three coats because of habit, because I don't think she need three coats to gain opacity (two is fine). I love this polish so much that I couldn't bare to put Konad on her!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

OPI Hot n Spicy

Hi all!

Hoe was jullie vrijdag? Is iedereen blij dat het weekend is, of zijn er drukke dagen voor de boeg? :) Ik heb vandaag een lak van de OPI Hong Kong Collectie: Hot n Spicy.

How was your Friday? Is everyone happy that it's weekend or are you all having the wildest plans? Today I have a polish from the OPI Hong Kong collection for you: Hot n Spicy.

Hot n Spicy, drie laagjes in daglicht. Hot n Spicy is een oranje lak met een peachy of rozige ondertoon. Applicatie bij deze lak was vreselijk. De lak was vrij waterig en liep richting mijn nagelriemen, waardoor het een grote smeerboel werd. De laagjes waren streperig en zelfs na drie laagjes zie je nog de tip van mijn nagel (=niet goed). Mijn hemel, wat een slechte lak! Dat ben ik niet gewend van OPI. De kleur is ook niet echt mijn ding, maar op zich wel een leuke lente/zomerkleur. Droogtijd was verder prima, maar de tijd die ik over hield bij het drogen, had ik echt nodig om cleanup te doen.

Hot n Spicy, three coats in daylight. Hot n spicy is an orange polish with peachy or pink undertones. Application with this one was horrible. The polish was watery and was constantly flooding my cuticles. The coats were streaky and after three coats, I still have visible nail line (=not good!). My gosh, what a horrible polish! I'm not used to this kind of polish from OPI. The color isn't really my thing (I loved it from swatches!) but it's a pretty spring/summer color. Drying time was fine, but the time I had left after drying was needed to do cleanup.

Hot n Spicy gestempeld met Zoya Veruschka en imageplate M78. Matte nagellak zoals Veruschka is een beetje tricky om mee te stempelen omdat het zo snel droogt, maar geeft wel een leuk effect! Het is niet mijn favo combinatie, maar toch best leuk :)

Hot n Spicy stamped with Zoya Veruschka and imageplate M78. Matte polish like Veruschka is a bit tricky to use for stamping since it dries so quickly, but it does give a nice effect when stamped on a shiny polish. It's not my favorite combination, but I think it's quite nice though :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Holo Konadicure!

Hi all!

How are you today? Almost weekend! I went shopping today and bought a ton of lovely polishes.. But only two for me. The rest is for swapping packages I'm putting together! I decided that I'd do something special for today, because I'm having dinner tonight with some lovely ex coworkers :) On to some pics!

Color Club Revvvolution, two coats. Pictures are taken in daylight, but we didn't have sun today so not so much holo.. I used Color Club Worth the Risque and imageplate M63 for stamping. Plate M63 is one of my faves so you'll see this one even more in the future! :)

I took one pic that shows a little holo:

I can haz holo!

If this looks familiar to you.. You are right! I did this before, only the other way around! Revvvolution over Worth the Risque.

Which one do you like best?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Saying Hi!

Hi all!

Unfortunately, I forgot to upload my post for today, so you'll have till tomorrow for new pics. Sorry! I planned a gold medal mani, with gold medals on my nails but since the 10,000 meter didn't go as planned.. Poor Sven!

Well, I wanted to ask you if you have creative ideas for a mani with some Konad! I'm having dinner with some former coworkers tomorrow and I want to impress them with my nails! I know I can think of something myself, but sometimes someone else can have an idea that you couldn't come up with yourself. So please tell me! If I decide to do your idea for a mani, I will of course post pictures. I have a whole bunch of Konad plates (around 20) and I'm sure I can do a whole lot.. I'm not too good at handpanting images so please leave this out :P. I need new inspiration!

I hope you all have a very nice wednesday (the week is in half!) and I wish you all a very nice evening.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kinetics My Blue Heaven

Hi All!

Hoe was jullie dinsdag? Hoop dat jullie een fijne dag hebben gehad! Ik heb vandaag weer de kans gehad om een nieuwe lak te dragen: Kinetics My Blue Heaven. Deze lak heb ik gekregen bij de swap die ik met Linda heb gedaan en ik ben zó blij dat deze erbij zat! Jullie zullen zometeen wel zien waarom :).

How was everyone's tuesday? I hope you all had a great day! I'm wearing a new polish again today: Kinetics My Blue Heaven. This polish came in the swap that the lovely Linda and I arranged and I am so glad that this polish was a part of our swap! You'll see what I mean in just a bit.

Ik heb een heleboel foto's gemaakt, dus hou je vast!
I took a whole bunch of pictures (and of course I want to show you a lot of them), so here we go!

Kinetics My Blue Heaven, drie laagjes met een laagje Nubar Diamont. Foto's genomen in daglicht. My Blue Heaven is een soort van stoffige, grijze blauw met een paarse ondertoon. Jullie hebben inmiddels wel in de gaten dat ik dol ben op dusty kleurtjes he? Dit is een geweldige kleur! Op de foto's is ze het meest kleuraccuraat op de foto's waarop ze wat donkerder is. In sommig licht is ze bijna paars, in ander licht is ze grijs, maar meestal is ze stoffig blauw. Ze is echter geen duochrome! Dit is mijn favoriete blauw, met stip op nummer 1. Ge-weldig! Bij het aanbrengen was ik even bang dat de applicatie slecht was, doordat het eerste laagje ontzettend waterig was. Het was net waterverf.. Maar na twee laagjes was ze dekkend! Ik heb drie laagjes gedaan omdat ik teveel wilde en ik twee kale plekjes had op mijn nagels. Droogtijd is prima, hoewel ik daar niet al te veel over kan oordelen doordat ik Diamont heb gebruikt (ik wilde mijn nagels nog doen, vóór ik ging zwemmen). Kinetics wordt voor zover ik weet alleen in Letland verkocht, maar mocht dit anders zijn, dan hoor ik het uiteraard graag!

Kinetics My Blue Heaven, three coats with one coat Nubar Diamont. Pictures were taken in daylight. My Blue Heaven is a dusty, greyish blue with purple undertone. I think you know now how much I like dusty colors, right? In the pictures she is most coloraccurate in the pictures where she looks darker. What an amazing color! In some lights she is almost purple, in other lights she is grey but mostly she is dusty blue. But she's definitely not a duochrome! This is my favorite blue, by far. GORGEOUS! I was a bit scared that application would be hard since the first coat was really watery, but she was opaque after two coats! I did three because I had two bald spots on my nails.. I wanted to go to fast ;). Drying time is fine, although I can't say too much about that since I used Nubar Diamont (I did my nails before I went swimming). Kinetics is available in Latvia only if I remember this correctly. If I'm wrong, please correct me!

She is most coloraccurate on my index (right). This is the color that matches my nails most (at least, on my screen that is). Note: this is without daylight directly hitting the nail.

Love, love, love this polish.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Zoya Veruschka

Hi all!

Het verhuizen is allemaal goed gegaan, bedankt voor de lieve berichtjes :) Vanaf vandaag kan ik weer fijn lakken en foto's maken. Vandaag weer een nieuwe lak; Zoya Veruschka Matte Velvet Lacquer.

All went well with the move, thank you all for your kind and sweet messages :) Today I can start polishing my nails again and take pictures. Today I have a new polish for you; Zoya Veruschka Matte Velvet Lacquer.

Zoya Veruschka, twee laagjes in daglicht. Veruschka is een diepe groene, matte lak met héél veel shimmer. Ze is echt ontzettend mooi. Ik vond matte lakken maar niks, tot voor kort en ik ben heel blij dat ik ze nu wel mooi vind! Anders had ik een heleboel leuks misgelopen.. Applicatie was prima, droogtijd was erg snel, maar dat is standaard bij matte lakken. Ik heb bij deze lak totaal geen problemen ervaren.

Zoya Veruschka, two coats in daylight. Veruschka is a deep greep matte polish with lots and lots of shimmer. She is so incredibly beautiful. I didn't like matte polishes till recently and I'm glad I like them now! I would have missed out on all those matte/suede pretties.. Application was good, drying time was excellent. These matte polishes dry very quickly and are good go-to polishes when you are in a hurry. I didn't have any application problems with her.

Zoya Veruschka met een laagje Nubar Diamont, wederom in daglicht. WOW! Dit laat heel goed de shimmer zien. Mocht je gek zijn op groene lakken, maar niet houden van mat, dan weet je wat je te doen staat.. ;)

Zoya Veruschka with one coat of Nubar Diamont, again in daylight. WOW!! Look at all that shimmer! The topcoat really shows how much shimmer is in the polish. If you love green, but don't like mattes, you know what to do.. ;)

En om nog even verder te spelen: Veruschka met China Glaze Millennium. Ik heb gestempeld met plate M78 (een van de nieuwe plates). Het design is best leuk, maar Millennium is net even te veel van het goede bij zo'n drukke afbeelding. Toch vind ik de kleurencombinatie wel leuk, het doet me aan Zwadderich denken.. *binnenkort de Harry Potter nagels maar eens doen*

And to play a little more with polish: Veruschka with China Glaze Millennium. I used plate M78 (one of the new plates) for stamping. I like the design, but Millennium is just too much with such a busy print on the nails. I may have gone a little overboard on this one.. lol. I do like the color combination though! It reminds me of Slytherin.. *must do the Harry Potter nails this week*

Well that's it for now! What do you think of Veruschka? Do you like her better with or without topcoat?

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Sweet Romika Reached 100 Followers!

Congratulations! Karin from Romika's Nails reached 100 followers and is having a giveaway to celebrate! She is giving away a lovely set of Herome products :) The details are here. This giveaway is open till the 14th of March, 11.59 CET.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Current Giveaways

Oh my, I forgot to post about current giveaways this Thursday, shame on me! Well, here they are, and there are some really special giveaways among these.

The lovely Michèle from LACQUERIZED is having her 250 followers giveaway! She is giving away two sets of H&M polish! Read all about her giveaway here. This giveaway is open till the 10th of March 2010.

Scandalously Polished is giving away 13 polishes to one lucky winner! Read all about this giveaway here.

Jellynat is hosting her 50 followers giveaway. This lovely lady just reached 50 followers after 5 months of blogging! She seems like a real sweetheart, so please visit her blog. You can read all about her giveaway here. This giveaway is open till March 1st.

Lacuered Lizard is hosting her 50 followers giveaway as well! She is giving away four sets of polishes to four different lucky winners (picture posted above is one of the sets)! Read all about this giveaway here. This giveaway is open till the 26th of February 2010.

The February giveaway is currently running on You've got nail! You van win Illamasqua Obsess and three bottles of The Face Shop. Read all about this giveaway here. This giveaway is open till February the 27th, 2010.

The Manicured Manatee is having yet another (gorgeous) giveaway! You can win a brand new bottle of Borghese Stellare Notte! Check out the deets here. This is open till February 26th, 2010.

Yardsticks for Lunatics is having a giveaway! This giveaway contains polish, konad and more.. Check out the deets here. This giveaway is open till March 5th, 2010.

If there is a giveaway missing or you want me to post about your giveaway, please leave a comment in the commentsection or send me an email :)

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

OPI Jade Is The New Black

Vandaag wederom een korte post; ik ben niet in de gelegenheid om een uitgebreide post te plaatsen vandaag, omdat ik mijn schoonzusje help met verhuizen. Vanaf morgenmiddag ben ik hopelijk weer in staat om te swatchen en eventueel wat vergelijkingen te doen.

Again a short post today; I am not able to do a big blogpost today since I'm helping my sister inlaw move. Hopefully, I will be able to swatch later tomorrow or do some comparisons.

OPI Jade is the new Black, twee laagjes in daglicht. Ze is iets donkerder dan de foto toont. Jade is the new Black is een van de lakken uit de OPI Hong Kong collectie, die in januari/februari van dit jaar in de verkoop ging. Jade is the new Black is een soort stoffige groen. Niet per se stoffig misschien, maar 'oud', of iets grijs erin. Ik weet niet wat het is, maar ze is prachtig en ik heb volgens mij geen andere kleur die erop lijkt. Ik heb een lak van Nfu Oh die wellicht in de buurt komt, daar zal ik in de komende week even naar kijken. Applicatie was goed, ze was dekkend in twee laagjes. Met de droogtijd had ik geen problemen. Ik begin zelfs te wennen aan de Pro Wide Brush haha.

Jade is the new Black, two coats in daylight. She is slightly darker irl. Jade is the new Black is one of the colors that were released in OPI's Hong Kong collection in January/February of this year. She is a kind of dusty bluebased green. Maybe not dusty, but 'old' or slightly greyed. I don't know what it is, but I believe I don't own another polish that may be a dupe to Jade is the new Black. I do have a Nfu Oh in the same tone, I will do a comparison somewhere in the next week. Application was good, opacity in two coats. Drying time was good as well. I even start to get used to OPI's prowide brush lol.

That's it for today, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Essence Hot Stuff

Vandaag wederom een Essence lak: Hot Stuff! Ik weet zo uit mijn hoofd niet of deze uit het assortiment gaat, maar dat zal ik even opzoeken en zodra ik het weet, zal ik deze post even updaten.

Today I have another Essence polish: Hot Stuff! I don't know if this one is discontinued as well, but I will check and update this post as soon as I find out.

Essence Hot Stuff, drie laagjes in daglicht. Dit is een berrykleurige jelly, of in ieder geval met een jelly-achtige finish. Een leuke lak, maar naar mijn idee niet ontzettend bijzonder of uniek. Applicatie was okee, All Access was zeker een stuk beter en droogde daarbij ook sneller.

Essence Hot Stuff, three coats in daylight. This is a berrycolored jelly, or a creme with a jelly-like finish. It's nice, but not that great or unique in my opinion. Application was OK, All Access definitely applied a lot better and dried quicker as well.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! I uploaded my post for tomorrow already, since I won't have time to swatch again this weekend. I cannot reply to your comments today and tomorrow, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essence All Access

Ik had deze al veel eerder willen posten, maar ik ben de hele week al afgepeigerd omdat ik ben begonnen met zwemmen. Het chloorwater maakt me rozig en omdat ik toch behoorlijk wat baantjes zwem is het best vermoeiend. Als ik alle chloor heb geroken, heb ik over het algemeen geen zin meer om nagellak lucht op de snuiven. Sorry dus daarvoor! Ik zal het goedmaken, want ik heb een aantal posts voor jullie klaar staan.

I've been wanting to post this a while ago, but I've been exhausted all week because I began swimming last monday. I am not in shape, far from being in shape actually, so it's quite exhausting to be swimming 60 x 25 meters. The smell of the poolwater makes me sleepy and doesn't really motivate me to polish my nails. I apolagize! I will make it up to you, because I have some posts ready for you.

Essence All Access, twee laagjes in daglicht. Dit is een prachtige donkergroene shimmer. In het echt is ze zelfs nog mooier dan de foto laat zien. Ik vind het echt ontzettend jammer dat deze uit het assortiment van Essence gaat! *geeft Essence het boze oog*

Essence All Access, two coats in daylight. This is a gorgeous dark green shimmer. Irl she is even prettier than my picture shows you! I am really disappointed in Essence for discontinuing this polish! *gives Essence the evil eye*

Kijk nou! Dit is toch prachtig?

Look at this! Is this gorgeous or what? I bought myself a backup bottle today..

I wanted to use this post to thank Romika for tagging me with the Cute Blog Award! I will give it a nice little spot in a seperate post when I have time for it :)

Also, I'm preparing a giveaway, which will take place somewhere in March.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grey Comparison and New Blogs On The Block

Goedemorgen! Vanochtend heb ik een grijze vergelijking voor jullie.

Good Morning! This morning I have a grey comparison for you.

Orly Mirror Mirror op wijs- en ringvinger, Models Own Grey Day op middelvinger en pink, beiden twee laagjes. Zoals je ziet zijn dit twee totaal verschillende kleuren - Grey Day is veel donkerder. Dit zijn geen dupes.

Orly Mirror Mirror on index and ring, Models Own Grey Day on middle and pinkie. Both are two coats. As you can see, these are two completely different colors. Grey Day is much darker. These are not dupes.

RBL Stormy op wijs- en ringvinger, Models Own Grey Day op middelvinger en pink, beiden twee laagjes. Hier hebben we twee lakken die wel erg dicht bij elkaar liggen! RBL Stormy is wellicht een ietsiepietsie donkerder, maar het scheelt écht heel weinig. In het echt was amper zichtbaar dat het twee verschillende lakken zijn, ik had dit gewoon kunnen dragen zonder dat iemand het op zou vallen dat ik niet op alle nagels dezelfde kleur heb. Mocht je RBL Stormy op het oog hebben, maar te duur vinden, dan is Models Own Grey Day een goede vervanger. Models Own kost GBP 5 (omgerekend ongeveer € 5,75) voor 14ml, RBL kost $ 18 (omgerekend ongeveer €13,50) voor 12ml.

RBL Stormy on index and ring, Models Own Grey Day on middle and pinkie. Both are two coats. These two are really close! Maybe RBL Stormy is just a teenie tiny bit darker, but it's very close. Irl it was barely visible that I had two different polishes on my nails and I could have easily worn these like this, and nobody would have noticed. If you like RBL Stormy but think it's just a little too expensive, you could go for Models Own Grey Day. She is a really good alternative. Models Own retails for GBP 5 (around € 5,75) for 14ml, RBL costs $ 18 (around € 13,50) per 12ml.

Hope this helps!

Because there are even more new blogs from Dutch Diva's, I wanted to share them with you! Please check out:

Linnie's Favorites
Kelly's Nailstash
At my Fingertips
Polished Perfection

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Stash Pics.. And My Swap Package From Latvia!

Since I already posted these on the forum where my nail polish addiction began (The Dutch Fok! forum), I might as well post the pictures here :). I don't have bottlepics (that would have been way too much work since I took these pics while I was cleaning), but if you want to see something up close or if you have other questions, please let me know in the commentsection. Warning: this post is pic heavy!!

First drawer: Treatments, base- and topcoats, removers and such

Second drawer: China Glaze, OPI and Orly. This drawer is full, so I have to figure something out to fit in the polishes that are on their way..

Third drawer: RBL, Essie, Misa, Color Club, Zoya, Nubar, Ciaté, Nfu Oh

Fourth drawer: Diamond Cosmetics, Milani, solo Sally Hansen nail prism, GOSH, Models Own, LA Girl Rockstar, NYX Girls

Fifth drawer: DS polishes and brands with only one or two bottles, like Essence, Miss Sporty, Paris Memories and La Femme

I forgot to take a picture of the sixth drawer, which is my nailart drawer and contains my Konad stuff, brushes, stripers and other nailart supplies.

This is the top of my Helmer. I have two bottles of remover (Essence, I have two more bottles on my desk.. Forgot to put that in my drawers), a nail kit, some handcremes and Nfu Oh Bottles that were to pretty to fully put away - so I compromised and put the prettiest in this little basket.

Closeup of the Nfu Oh's

So! Whew, that's a lot of pictures.. I always enjoy looking at other peoples stashes and I hope you do too.

Today I also got my swap package from Linda from Latvia in! I was so excited when the neighbour gave my package to my father. I was home all day, but my neighbour kidnapped my package :( Well, at least I have it! Ready for more pics?

From left to right: Kinetics My Blue Heaven, Nubar Pleasure, Nubar Blue Disco Glitter, Nubar Indigo Illusion, Kinetics Luxury Purple and Essie Pound Cake. And a picture from what is in the back of the picture:

Chocolat! With cappuchino marshmellow filling..

Oh my god. I am so happy with my package! Linda even included Pleasure, an oldschool Nubar that even is in a square bottle. I never heard of it before, but I can't find swatches!! I'm so excited to try this one, it flashes blue, purple, gold, green and turquoise. I love all of my polishes and I'm sure I will enjoy all of them! Thanks again, Linda!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Models Own Grey Day

En vandaag nog een lak van Models Own! Ik ben het hele weekend druk bezig geweest in het huis van mijn schoonzusje, onder andere kasten in elkaar zetten. Je zult dan ook niet geloven dat ik vanmorgen een nagel brak... Tijdens het zwemmen! Ik ga niet al mijn nagels inkorten, dus zullen jullie het moeten doen met een kortere nagel ;)

And today we're back with more Models Own polishes! I spent the whole weekend at my sister in-laws house assembling closets and such. You wouldn't believe I broke a nail today... While I was swimming! Noes.. I will not chop them all off, so you'll have to look at one shorter nail for a while ;)

Grey Day, twee laagjes in daglicht. Deze naam weerspiegelt de kleur perfect! Ook bij deze was de applicatie weer goed en droogtijd prima. Er is weinig te klagen bij de lakken van Models Own tot nu toe. Ik zal haar morgen eens vergelijken met Orly Mirror Mirror. China Glaze Recycle heb ik nog steeds niet, dus helaas kan ik haar daar (nog) niet mee vergelijken!

Grey Day, two coats in daylight. The name of the polish reflects de color perfectly! Application was good with this one and dryingtime was fine. I don't have much complaining to do with the Models Own polishes till now! :) I will compare her to Orly Mirror Mirror tomorrow, but I don't think they're anything alike. I don't own China Glaze Recycle (yet, should really order that one!!), so I can't compare her to Grey Day.

En omdat het gisteren Valentijnsdag was, een plaatje van wat ik van vriendlief heb gekregen!
And because it was Valentines day yesterday, I picture of what I got from my boyfriend!


Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal een fijne Valentijnsdag hebben gehad. Hebben jullie nog iets speciaals gedaan?
I hope you had a nice Vday! Did anyone do anything special?

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Models Own Raspberry Crush

Vandaag een korte post, want ik ben niet thuis. Toch wilde ik deze graag met jullie delen!

Today I have a short post for you, because I'm not at home. I just wanted to share this with you!

Raspberry Crush, drie laagjes zonder topcoat in zonlicht. Mijn camera kan deze lak slecht vastleggen; ze is een roze rood of een rode roze; écht een knallende frambozenkleur. Ze is geen neon, maar het scheelt niet heel veel. Applicatie was wederom prima, ik had geen problemen. Droogtijd was net als de vorige twee lakken goed.

Raspberry Crush, three coats in sunlight, no topcoat. My camera can't capture her accurately; she really is a pinky red or a red pink; true raspberry. She is not neon, but she's really bright. Application was fine, I dind't have any problems with her. Dryingtime was the same as the other two polishes - good.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Models Own True Blue

Vandaag de tweede lak uit mijn Models Own pakketje: True Blue.

Today I have the second polish from my Models Own package: True Blue.

True Blue, twee laagjes met topcoat David in zonlicht. Dit is een rijke blauw en doet me denken aan OPI's Dating a Royal. Deze heb ik zelf niet, maar afgaande op de foto's die ik gezien heb, zal ze misschien net een tintje afwijken. Ze is erg mooi en in twee laagjes dekkend. Applicatie was prima! Twee laagjes zonder problemen, droogtijd was goed.

True Blue, two coats with topcoat David in sunlight. This is a rich and royal blue and she reminds me of OPI's Dating a Royal. I don't own her myself, but judging on the pictures I've seen of Dating a Royal, she might be just a little different, but not much. This is one very pretty blue polish! Opaque in two coats. Application was fine and dryingtime was good, I didn't have any problems with applying the polish.

Wat doe je als er buiten eindelijk geen wolken meer zijn, maar alleen zon? Juist, dan stempel je wolken op je nagels! Ik heb Konad Special Polish White gebruikt en plate M79. Op dit moment mijn favoriete plate!

So what do you do when you finally see only sunshine and no clouds? Yes, you stamp some clouds on your blue mani! I used Konad Special Polish White and imageplate M79. This is my favorite plate at the moment!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pictures of my Models Own Package Part II

Vandaag is mijn tweede pakketje met lakken van Models Own aangekomen! Twee pakketjes.. Ja, ik heb me flink laten gaan bij de sale haha.

My second package with Models Own polishes arrived today! Yes, two packages.. I really took advantage of the 50% off sale lol!

Recognize any of these? :)

Tease, tease, tease!!

The blues: True Blue, Bluebelle, Betty Blue, In the Navy

The greys: Grey Day, Moody Grey, Gun Grey

The "purples": Raspberry Crush, Purple Poppy, Turkish Delight

Magenta Divine, Magenta Divine, Blue Gem

The greens: Top Turquoise, Slate Green, Green Tea (picture taken without flash)

More greens: Emerald City, Peacock Green

Op één na, zijn alle foto's met flits genomen omdat de foto's dan meer kleurecht waren.
All pictures but one were taken with flash to be coloraccurate.

Ik heb per ongeluk twee keer Magenta Divine besteld. Oeps! Tijdens het bestellen ging er vanalles mis en dus heb ik nu twee flesjes van dezelfde lak. Eigen schuld!
I accidentally ordered two bottles of Magenta Divine. Oops! While ordering, everything went wrong and now I have two bottles of one color. Whoops again..

Zo! Een heleboel bottlepics, maarrrr ik heb natuurlijk wel al wat geswatcht..
Whew! A lot of bottlepics, but I also swatched of course..

Slate Green, drie laagjes. Deze kleur was ontzettend moeilijk om vast te leggen en zelfs in deze foto is de kleur niet helemaal hoe ze eruit ziet op mijn nagels. In het echt is ze nog wat groener. Slate green is een soort van vintage achtige groene lak. Ik vind het heel moeilijk om dit te beschrijven. Ik krijg er een vintage gevoel bij, alsof het al een hele oude lak is. Oudgroen, bestaat dat? Haha. Applicatie was prima. Het eerste laagje is ontzettend waterig en dekte met geen mogelijkheid, dus mijn eerste gedachte was "Oh jee". Maar na twee laagjes is ze dekkend! Ik heb drie laagjes gedaan omdat je bij twee laagjes wellicht nog wat oneffenheden op de foto zou zien. Droogtijd was prima, zeker niet langer dan normaal. Ik vind het een erg interessante kleur! Ik kan niet wachten tot ik hier een hele mani mee kan doen, of er mee kan konadden, of.. Ik krijg gewoon nailartinspiratie van deze kleur!

Slate Green, this is three coats. This color was SO hard to capture, and still in the picture, she is a little off. Irl she's more green and not as turquoise as she appears. Slate green is a muted green, slate green, with a vintage feeling. I don't know what it is, but something in me wants me to believe that this is a very old polish/color. I like it! Application was good. After one coat I thought "Oh my", because the first coat is really watery and with no means near opacity. After two coats she's opaque! I used three to avoid that you can see uneven parts on my nails :). Drying time was good, not longer than average, maybe even a bit quicker. I'm fascinated by this color! I don't own a single polish that even comes near this color. I can't wait to wear this as a full mani, or to Konad over it, or... It gives me nailinspiration!

I will be swatching colors tomorrow and probably next week. I hope to build up a sort of Models Own swatches database, because I haven't found blogs with a lot of colors from Models Own.

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