Saturday, May 28, 2011

Updated blogsale

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know I added more polishes to the blogsale. They are marked in red in the blogsale post, but here's a list of what I added today:

Diamond cosmetics Cotton Candy
Diamond Cosmetics Hi Ho Silver
Diamond Cosmetics Monarch Masquerade
Essence Louise
Essence Spicy (old, brown creme)
Essence Spicy (new, brown shimmer)
LA Girl Rockstar Overdose
LA Girl Rockstar Paparazzi
Models Own Slate Green
Sally Hansen Going Green
Sally Hansen Wet Cement
Wet n Wild Rain Check
Wet n Wild Wild Orchid

I added a ton more polishes already on May 10th, so I'd say there are around 30 - 40 polishes more for sale now than when the post went up.

Also, if you are in Europe and want the polishes to be shipped out in a bubblemailer, I can now send them out without interference of the post office (so they don't weigh it and try to fit it in a too small letter box thingie). So that will save a lot on shipping! I have edited that in the blogsale post as well.

The blogsale post can be found »» here ««

Thanks for visiting!

PS: had some hectic time here with my sisters illness, so I haven't been around much - so no NOTDs and stuff (I'm actually wearing a very chipped mani - I'm sorta ashamed of myself). She's getting better now so I should have some time to take pics, edit them and post them on the blog. I'll be back soon :) x

Monday, May 16, 2011

From the Vault - Pupa Crackle

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since my last post but Blogger was being stupid and didn't want me to log in again :/ I still haven't found a permanent solution, but I can now finally update again. ANYWAY... I've decided to post most of my backlog pics; I have so many that I haven't posted yet! Anyhoo, this is the silver/purple Pupa Crackle set that I picked up in store in December of 2010.

pupa crackle purple silver white crack polish nail polish swatch nailswatchesSilver/white base color, two coats and one coat of purple crackle. This picture doesn't really show you how pretty the silver polish is; its filled with shimmer and just really really shiny! I love how the matte purple crackle contrasts with this.

I've worn this several times over the past months and I still love it. I've also worn it over Orly Shine and China Glaze Something Sweet and I have to say, it's awesome on those colors as well!

I know there are tons of different crackles out there right now, and I'm sure there are dupes for both of these colors, but I absolutely love this set and I will use it many more times :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog sale

Hi all,

As promised, the blog sale! Please read the 'rules' carefully before you email me! Thanks :)

please see my most recent blog sale post for the current polishes I have for sale. Thanks!

10/05/2011: Thanks so much everyone for your emails! I forgot how hectic having a blog sale can be, and I was quickly reminded! ;) It can take a little while for you to get a reply, but you WILL get an email back from me!
10/05/2011: New polishes added
28/05/2011: New polishes added (red)
It’s time for a nail polish sale! I’ve been hoarding bottles of polish for months and over the last couple of months, I’ve realized I haven’t even used half of it. And I’m not planning on using these anytime soon, either. So I’m listing them for sale. I have a couple of ´rules’ that I´d like to make clear, so please read these before you e-mail me.

- The following brands will be able to fit in a bubble envelope according to TNT Post: American Apparel, Diamond Cosmetics, Pieces, LA Girl, P2, H&M.(If you're in Europe I can probably ship out everything in a bubblemailer, except the OPI Avoplex, Essence gelliners, the Lush sets and the efferscent soak and skin renewal scrub) Edit: I can now ship out packages throughout Europe without the post office weighing and measuring my mail. So it's possible to ship out OPI bottles (for example) in a bubble envelope without having to pay for a package (box). This saves a ton on shipping costs, so it'll probably cost you around € 3,60 up to 250 grams. Unfortunately, I cannot ship outside Europe without going to the post office. Just let me know that you want it shipped out in a bubblemailer and I'll give you a shipping quote based on the weight of the package :)

- If you want me to send your polishes out in a bubble envelope, please note that I will package them carefully, but I cannot promise you that the bottles will arrive safely. I will not be held responsible for damage to your polishes if you want me to send your polishes out in a bubble envelope, because I also offer you the option of shipping the polishes out in a box. For a couple of € more, I can send your polishes out in a box. If you want, I can include tracking, but that will cost you a little more.

- I cannot be held responsible for polishes lost in the mail. Packages within The Netherlands will get tracking when I send them out in boxes, but packages overseas don’t get that automatically. However, TNT Post offers this for a couple of € and I can include this (if paid, of course). If you don’t have tracking, I cannot be held responsible if your package is lost in the mail. I have all positive feedback on MUA and eBay to show that I DO send out the packages.

I’m sorry for that, but since I’m really short in cash, I cannot pay you back if your package is lost or damaged in the mail if you not decide to let me ship it in a box or with tracking. I hope you understand.

I will use TNT Post to ship out every single package, so I will use their prices (listed here:
Prices. For USA, please check 'wereld' for the price of shipping). I’ll add € 0,50 for a bubble mailer and € 2 for a box (I have four boxes here, I will use those for free, but as soon as I’m out of boxes I need to buy boxes at the post office, where prices start at € 2).

When you’ve found polishes that you’d like to buy, please sent me an email at nailswatches(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subject ‘nail polish sale’ or something in that direction (in case your email lands in my spam folder, I have to be able to see that your mail is not spam!) and the polishes that you want in the body of your email. Please also list if you want me to send your package out in a bubble mailer or in a box, and if you’d like tracking with your package. Also important: if you’re not from The Netherlands, list your country so I can give you the right price for your package (TNT goes per weight). The shipping price is not included in the price of the polishes!

First come, first serve!

About payment: If you’re from The Netherlands, you can transfer the money to my bank account. If you’re not from The Netherlands, payment will take place via Paypal. Please include a 3% raise for the fee (or mark your payment as a gift) or let me send you an invoice so I don’t have to pay the fees.

I will hold the polishes you want for 24 hours after I've sent you the email with the total price for the polishes you want. If you don't reply to me within 24 hours and (some of) the polishes are requested by other people, I will email them to let them know they are available for purchase. I expect payment within 24 hours after you've accepted the price for the polishes. If you do not send me the payment then, I will move on to the next buyer. So make sure you have the money when you email me!

When I’ve received your payment, I will prepare your package and take it to the post office, where I will ship it out in the way that you specified in your email. You will get an email when I've received your payment, and then another one when I've sent out your package. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know when your package arrives!

Again, first come, first serve! Thank you so much for your interest in what I have to sell. I might add some more items in the upcoming week, but for now “this is it”.

Thanks for reading this and (hopefully) happy shopping!

10/05/2011: New polishes added
28/05/2011: New polishes added (red)


Unnamed pink shimmer with blue irredescence (BN) € 1

Factory Grey (BN) € 5
Hunter (BN) € 5
Mount Royal (BN) € 5
Office (BN) € 5
Peacock (1x) € 4

Rosette (swatched 1x), € 1,25

10B (BN) € 2

Black Burgundy (BN) € 1,50

Bloody Mary to go (BN) € 2
Blue My Mind (BN) € 2

Clay-ton my Hero (BN) € 2

From Dusk to Dawn (swatched) € 1,50Just Married (BN) € 2

Let's Talk About Barrie! (BN) € 2
Lost in Mud (BN) € 2
Luxury Champagne (BN) € 1,50
Majestic Red (BN) € 2,50

Meet me at Coral Island (BN) € 2
Pastel Blue (BN) € 2,50
Pastel Lilac (BN) € 2,50
Pastel Pink (BN) € 2,50
Pastel Yellow (BN) € 2,50
Pearl White (BN) € 1,50
Silver Diamonds (BN) € 2,50

The Devil Wears Red (BN) € 2
The Pinker the Better (BN) € 2
Vibrant Violet (BN) € 1,50 (I have two)

Wine-Tastic (swatched 1x) € 2
Wrapped around my Finger (BN) € 2

Ankhlets of Amethysts (swatched) € 3,50

Atlantis (BN) € 4

Bad Kitty (BN) € 4
Coconut Kiss (swatched) € 3,50
Cowardly Lyin’ (swatched 1x) € 3
Golden Enchantment (BN) € 4
Good Witch? (BN) € 4

Hot Lava Love (1x) € 3,50
Moody Blue (BN) € 4
Secret Peri-wink-le (BN) € 4
Snowglobe (swatched 1x) € 3

Stellar (BN) € 4
The Ten Man (BN) € 4

Turned up Turquoise (1x) € 3,50

Power Dressing (1x swatch) € 5,50
Stiletto (1x swatch) € 5,50
Vintage (1x swatch) € 5,50

Unnamed grey shimmer (BN) € 1,50

Viola Glitter (BN), € 10


Hot Couture (BN, sticker missing) € 3
105 (purple shimmer) € 1,50

Cheery Cherry (BN) € 1,50

Cotton Candy (swatched 1x) € 1,25
Hi Ho Silver (BN) € 1,50
Party Hearty (1x) € 1,-
Lemon Yellow Zest (BN) € 1,50

Monarch Masquerade (BN) € 1,50
Starry Night (BN) € 1,50
Feelin’ Groovy (1x) € 1,-
18K Gold (BN) € 1,50

All Access (BN) € 2 (I have TWO ONE bottles)
Berlin Story (BN) (I Love Berlin Collection, matte tippainter) € 1,50
Buddy Bear (BN) (I Love Berlin Collection) € 1,50
Caribbean Sea (SYF, suitable for stamping, BN) € 2
Deep Blue Sea (SYF, suitable for stamping, BN) € 2
Diamonds and Pearls (BN) € 1,25
Disco Glam (BN) € 1,-
Dress to Party (BN) € 1,50
Fabuless (BN) € 1,- (I have three two)
Fatal (BN) € 1,25
Flashy Pink (SYF, suitable for stamping, BN) € 2
Glamourous (BN) € 1,-
Glisten Up! (BN, flakies) € 1,25
Green Grass (BN) (I Love Berlin Collection) € 1,50
Hot Red (SYF, suitable for stamping, swatched 1 nail) € 1,75
Hot Stuff (BN) € 1,50
I’m a Berliner (BN) (I Love Berlin Collection) € 1,50
In The Jungle (SYF, suitable for stamping, BN) € 2
Into the Night (Moonlight Collection, BN) € 2
Lilac Forever (Crazy about Color, BN) € 2
Live Forever (Moonlight Collection, BN) € 2

Louise (swatched 1x) € 1,50
No More Drama (BN) € 1,25
Nothing Else Metals (Metallics Collection), with magnet (stripes) € 2,50
Purple Boost (BN, Purple tippainter) € 1,25
Purple Magic (Show your Feet line, suitable for stamping, BN) € 2 (I have two bottles)
Rock it, Baby! (BN) € 1,-
Rock ‘n Roll (BN) € 1,50
Rock Rebell (BN) € 1,-
Silver Surfer (BN, silver tippainter) € 1,25
Sparkling Dawn (Moonlight Collection, BN) € 2Spicy (old, brown creme) € 1,25
Spicy (new, brown shimmer) € 1,25
Surferama (BN) € 2
The One and Only (BN) € 1,50

Underwater (BN) New version! € 1,25
Very Berry (SYF, suitable for stamping, BN) € 2
What do U think? (BN) €1,-

Can’t Filmfest (1x) € 6

Chinchilly (1x) € 6
Not Just a Pretty Face (swatched 1x) € 6

Gallery Glitz (BN) € 2,50

Blue Monday (BN) € 6 (I HAVE TWO ONE BN BOTTLES)
Chocoholic (BN) € 5
Green Hawaii (BN) € 5 (I HAVE TWO BN BOTTLES)
Holographic (BN) € 7
Purple Heart (BN) € 5

Bella’s Choice (BN) € 4 (I HAVE TWO BN BOTTLES)
Blue My Mind (BN) € 4
Liberty Girl (BN) € 4
Meet Mrs. Perfect (1x) € 3

301 (Purple with blue shimmer) (BN) € 2

Darkside (BN) € 3

Light Green stamping polish (BN) € 3,50

58 Buttescotch (gold) € 0,50
113 Seashell (purple) € 0,50
148 Seashell (pink) € 0,50

Romanticize(swatched 1x), € 1

Backstage (Rockstar) (BN) € 2,50
Double Platinum (Rockstar) (swatched) € 2,-
Live on Stage (Rockstar) (swatched) € 2,-

Overdose (Rockstar) (swatched 1n) € 1 2,-
Paparazzi (Rockstar) (BN) € 2,50
Scandal (Rockstar) (BN) € 2,50

Um you’re too Delicious (1x) € 4

107 (Shimmery white with glitter, BN) € 1
111 (Pink shimmer w/ gold hue, BN) € 1
130 (Fuchsia, BN) € 1
305 (Shimmery blue, BN) € 1
312 (Gold, BN) € 1
313 (Purple shimmer, BN) € 1

Betty Blue (1x) € 3
Bluebelle (BN) € 4
Blue Gem (BN) € 4
Emerald City (BN) € 4
Green Tea (1x) € 3
Grey Day (1x) € 3
Gun Grey (1x) € 3
Feeling Blue (BN) € 4
In The Navy (BN) € 4
Misty Grey (1x) € 3
Moody Grey (1x) € 3
Peacock Green (BN) € 4
Purple Poppy (BN) € 4
Raspberry Crush (1x) € 3

Slate Green (1x) € 3
Top Turquoise (BN) € 4
True Blue (BN) € 4
Turkish Delight (BN) € 4

104 (1x) € 5,50

107 (BN) € 7

569 (swatched) € 7

CN166 Morocco (BN) € 2
CN214 Show Girl (BN) € 2
CN229 (pink glitter, BN) € 2
CN231 (blue glitter, BN) € 2
CN246 (grey/silver glitter, BN) € 2
Purple Dream (BN) € 2

A-Rose at Dawn, Broke by Noon (BN) € 6

Got a Date to-Knight! (1x) € 6
Hot & Spicy (1x) € 6
Sahara Sapphire (BN) € 6
Teal the Cows come Home(swatched) € 5,50
You Don’t Know Jacques! (1x) € 6

Orly Gems – set € 20 for the whole set (6 bottles) BN
Mandalay Ruby € 4
Midnight Star € 4
Sea of Light € 4
Golden Maharaja € 4
Golden Jubilee € 4
Star of Bombay € 4

Dangerous (BN) € 1,50
Rebel (BN) € 1,50
Rich (BN) € 1,50
Scandal (BN) € 1,50

Stylish (1x) € 1

Concrete Jungle (BN) € 2
Il Postino (1x) € 1,50
Parisian Mints (BN) € 2

285 White Orchid (swatched 1x) € 3,50
300 Movie Star (swatched 1x) € 3
307 Grape Sorbet (swatched 1x) € 3,50
431 Gold Infusion (swatched 1x) € 3,50
610 Pompous (swatched 1x) € 3
619 Pulsating (swatched 1x) € 3

Going Green (BN) € 2,50
Sunrise, Sunset (BN) € 3Wet Cement (BN) € 2,50

Seche Red (swatched 2 nails) € 3

Fabulous Red (BN) € 1,50
Let’s Go Girls (BN) € 1,50
Strip Poker (BN) € 1,50
Unnamed blue shimmer (sticker is missing) € 1

Wet n Wild
Rain Check (BN) € 1,-
Wild Orchid (BN) € 1,-

Bebe (1x) € 5


Nail file (BN) € 1
Stampy Set 01 (BNIB) € 2 (I have two)
Stampy Set 02 (BNIB) € 2 (I have two)

Lemony Flutter 50g (26/04) (BN) € 4 (I have 5 2 pots, all BN)
Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion Trial size BN € 0,50 (I have 2, both BN)
Snow Fairy Solid Perfume 10g (05/12) € 1,50 (BN)

Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream 120 ml/4 Oz. € 10 (BNIB)
Effervescent Soak 60g/2 Oz € 4 (BN)
Skin Renewal Scrub 85g/3 Oz € 4 (BN)

Apricot Cuticle Cream (BN) € 2

Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil (BN) € 3


Denim Wanted - Gel liner 01 Vintage Style € 2 (BNIB)
Denim Wanted - Gel liner 02 Fivepocket Grey € 2 (BNIB)

Heavenilli (BN in wrap) € 4
Shampoo bar (BN in wrap, pink bar – name unknown) € 2
Strawberry Feels Forever (BN in wrap) € 4
Tin (BN) € 1

Holiday packages:
‘Tis the Season (BNIB) € 5
To be Jolly (BNIB) € 5

If there's anything that you'd like, please send me an email at nailswatches(AT)gmail(DOT)com. If you posted what you want in a comment, I will not reply.

Another update and a blog sale announcement!

Hi all,

So I know I promised that I would post and do a blog sale but there's been so much going on in my life that I haven't had the time right now. My sister was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease similar to Crohn's disease. Basically, her colon is chronically inflamed/infected or however you call it. It's chronical, so she has to take meds for probably the rest of her life. It's a nasty disease, but after 5 years (!) of wondering what was wrong with her, we finally got a diagnosis on her disease after 6 weeks of going to the hospital and seeing specialists, drawing blood and getting a small procedure done.

When I'm writing this, she is in the hospital to undergo a blood transfusion. Her values were so low that her specialist wasn't surprised that she fainted and is tired all the time, that she was scheduled for an 'emergency' transfusion, meaning she's now getting bags of blood. I'm not allowed in there during the transfusion, which is why I'm doing this now, at home, so I can take my mind of what's going on there.

I've been worried sick about her and I've been her 'personal assistant' (for a lack of a better word) for the last 2 to 3 weeks. It's tough learning to deal with this, even for us, but I really think her life will be easier now, mostly thanks to the specialist that she now has who FINALLY takes her complaints seriously.

Anyhow, on a more blog related note: I've been sorting through the plastic boxes that I store my helmer-overflowing polishes in, and I've come to the conclusion that two of those boxes contain a ton of polishes that I'll never use (and never have used to begin with). I also realized that I haven't done anything with my swap box in months, so I'm putting most of those up for sale as well. Yes, you read that right, I'm going to be holding a massive blog sale. It's mostly nail polish, however I also have some Lush stuff that's going to waste and some other products that I'd like to sell. It's taking up so much room, and honestly, I can use the money! :)

So I will be putting the post up for my blog sale later today (probably around 21.00 GMT + 01.00). I haven't taken pictures of the bottles, because that would take me an extra day to prepare the post, so I will post a list of the polishes. Usage will be stated behind the name of the polish, but all of the polishes are either BN or used one time.

It'll be first come, first serve, so if you want something from the list, be there in time :)

I'll post again tonight!

Hope you guys are all doing great!