Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Catrice Polishes and a Comparison

Hi all!

I wanted to show you the new polishes from Catrice that they generously gave to me for consideration. I got Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! and Absolutely Chinchilly! I swatched them both on nailwheels as well as a comparison between Absolutely Chinchilly! and Essie Chinchilly. I still owe you the real on the nails swatches, don't worry, they're coming!

catrice hip queens wear blue jeans 350 blue shimmer blue flecks absolutely chinchilly khaki creme nail polish nailswatches new collection 2010 catriceLeft Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly! and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! on the right. Absolutely Chinchilly! is a khaki creme and both the color and the name really remind me of Essie Chinchilly, the comparison between these two is below :) Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! is a gorgeous slighly dusty blue with tiny light blue glitter flecks in it. The color is darker in low light, making it appear like a dark blue creme.

So.. Here's the comparison I promised!

catrice absolutely chinchilly! comparison essie chinchilly khaki creme nail polish nails nailswatches catrice new collection 2010 previewEssie Chinchilly on the left, Catrice Absolutely Chinchilly! on the right, both are two coats. I have to tell you beforehand that my picture makes the difference appear to be more obvious, but it's hardly noticeable irl! Chinchilly is the tiniest amount of a shade lighter, but I can only see that when I'm looking at the wheel right under my nose, so to say. When I take more distance, let's say 15 - 20 cm, the difference is not visible at all.

I prefer the application of Catrice, since the brush is wider and makes it easier to apply the polish. Also, Catrice is thicker in formula, while Essie's formula is on the thin side.

Catrice made an affordable dupe for Essie Chinchilly! While Essie retails for € 13,49 a bottle, Catrice only costs a fraction of the price - € 2,49 a bottle.

The products in this post were given to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


  1. Lovely shades, both of them. I just don't like the name Absolutely Chinchilly. They made it too obvious. =)

  2. Wow, such rich and lovely colors!

  3. omg 13.5 euro?? that's totally crazy.
    good you can get it from ebay for $8 shipped or so!
    I hate the name of it too...

  4. chinchilly is great! maybe i have it too... need to check it out


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