Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ciaté Fun Fair

Hi all!

How was your weekend? The weather wasn't so good, but I had a nice (but very busy) weekend anyway. Today I have the first of Ciaté's Summer Collection for you: Fun Fair.

Ciaté Fun Fair, three coats in daylight. Fun Fair is a light pink creme, that looks a bit brighter irl. The color is pretty pink without being a dupe for any color in my stash. The color is more accurate in the following picture:

Ciaté Fun Fair, three coats in indirect daylight. I can actually see myself wearing this in the future, even though it's pink and I'm not into pink at all lately! I might do a little konad to keep it interesting though..

The polish was a little on the thick side, so I added 4 or 5 drops of thinner and I was good to go. Application was good after that and so was drying time. I'm looking forward to trying the rest of the collection!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

New Orly Collections: Plastix and Cosmic FX

Hi all!

Today I have two new collections from Orly to share with you.

Old School Orange: classic orange
Retro Red: traditional red
Purple Pleather: shiny purple
Viridian Vinyl: glossy blue-green

This is what Orly has to say about their Plastix Collection:

ORLY, the company that continually pioneers the Nail Lacquer arena with the most cutting edge colors, technology and textures, introduces the Plastix Collection. Complementing the Fall 2010 runway looks that featured bright neon colors amid shiny black plastic, latex, and rubber reinventions of vintage must-haves, Plastix evokes the vintage classic trend with four new lacquers and a unique new formula that coats the nails with a smooth glossy matte “plastic” finish. The exclusive finish and texture is a first in the nail category, delivering a monochromatic, shiny and rubbery look that takes experimentation to an entirely new level, with the focus being on both the distinctive nail surface, as well as the latest in color trends. The unique look can not be achieved with color alone as the finish is a must for recreating the true “plastic” statement.

All ORLY Nail Lacquers including the Plastix Collection are free of DBP and all traces of Toluene, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde resin.

The Plastix Collection Lacquers will be available beginning July 2010 for $7.50 each. ORLY Nail Lacquers and Treatment products are available at, Sally Beauty, Ulta and fine salons and spas throughout the U.S. and in over 70 countries worldwide.

But wait, there's more! The Cosmic FX Collection:

Lunar Eclipse: Blue with Pink Purple Fx
Galaxy Girl: Purple with Blue Green Fx
It’s Not Rocket Science: Green with Gold Blue Fx
Space Cadet: Green with Purple Gold FX
Halleys Comet: Turquoise with Green Yellow Fx
Out of this world: Purple with Pink Silver Fx

This is what Orly has to say about their Cosmix Collection:

As ORLY continues to pioneer the nail category with distinct and trend setting finishes and color, the brand introduces its latest addition to its portfolio of textured finishes with Cosmic FX. The new, limited-edition collection delivers multi-dimensional flashes of intense shimmering shine that is so electrifying your nails will explode with color! This lighting phenomenon is achieved by ORLY’s exclusive MINERAL FX technology.

The innovation infuses natural rock minerals, crystals, and glass to give nails a special optical effect with extreme luster, rich pearlescence, and a smooth, sparkling spectrum of concentrated color.

The MINERALFX technology includes specialty mica, that allows for a clearer, vibrantly bright lustrous shimmer. Crystals allow for a multi-dimensional color transformation. Glass particles carefully controlled in shape and size create a luminous phenomenon. This combination infused with the Silica and specific colors selected create this exclusive technology that gives nails a unique optical effect that’s magnified as the lighting source intensifies or viewing angle changes.

Cosmic FX perfectly accentuates the looks seen in the Fall 2010 runway collections – from the futuristic Audrey Hepburn at Miu Miu to Ann Demeulemeester’s feathered and metal cuffs and Issey Miyake’s colorful leggings.

All ORLY Nail Lacquers including the Cosmic FX Collection are free of DBP, Toluene and all traces of Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin.

The Cosmic FX Lacquers will be available starting September 2010 for $10.00 each. ORLY Nail Lacquers and Treatment products are available at, Sally Beauty, Ulta and other purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 70 countries worldwide.

I'm so excited for the Cosmic FX Collection! September is a couple of months away but I'm already looking forward to this collection. I'm also curious to see the Plastix, will it actually look like plastic? :D

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Much Contrast..

Hi all,

A quickie today since I feel horrible and want to go to bed as soon as possible. I lost my job today and it was a real shocker when my boss told me. Tomorrow will be my last day and I will be officially unemployed as of monday.. *sigh*

Anyway, on to nails, because that's what this blog is about :) After yesterdays Lemon Fizz mani, I decided to do some stamping. I chose a design that I never use - the leopard design. I think I went a little overboard.

China Glaze Lemon Fizz with Nubar Diamont, stamped with Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl and imageplates M57 (ring finger) and M81 (other fingers). I thought it would make a nice combination, but the yellow is just to light and pastel to work with such a dark color. The contrast is too big. I decided to show you anyway because I don't see these plates too often on other blogs :)

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Hi all!

How are you doing today? I hope you are doing better than I am - I have migraine and my meds are not working *sigh* so I thought I'd post a sunny polish to cheer me up :)

China Glaze Lemon Fizz, three coats with one coat of Nubar Diamont in daylight. Lemon Fizz is a pastel yellow creme that caused horrible bubbling on me - so I slapped on a coat of Diamont (Oh Diamont, how I love thee!) and the problem was solved. Lemon Fizz is part of the Up and Away collection for spring of 2010 and it truly looks like a spring color to me. Not entirely unique though! I will do a comparison somewhere in the future.

Application was alright. Pastels tend to be a little goopy and streaky, but all evened out in three coats. It did cause some horrible bubbling though, so I'll take points off for that! It took quite a while to let the coats dry so it got a little wrinkly because I thought it was dry, but it wasn't..

This is one of the mini's that came in the Up and Away mini pack that I bought at the wholesale store in Veldhoven a while ago. The mini's aren't really tiny (like OPI's 3.75ml bottles), these are 9,6ml so that's still bigger than let's say GOSH for example.

This is all for today, thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let The Voting Begin!

Hi all!

It's time to vote for the nailart contest! The contest closed on Saturday and I want to thank all of you for entering in this contest :) Let's take a look at the entries!

Noortje made this cute pink Hello Kitty design

Michelle shows a great peacock mani

This ladybug manicure is made by Judith (for voting: Judith 01)

Gemma used Konad plates M66 and M2, Konad polish in white, Random glitter art pen, a variety of nailpolish including - OPI dim-sum-plum as base, China Glaze- Matte magic, H&M Bellas choice, H&M meet me in the dark to create this lovely pink layering mani

This lovely zebra was made by Usagi (for voting: Usagi 01)

These cute spring puppies were made by Thriszha

Cute penguins made by Judith (for voting: Judith 02)

Andrea made a Royal Cheetah Print

Renee created zebra stripes freehandedly

Rafaela used red and green polishes and did the ladybugs with toothpick and black/red polish to create this cute ladybug manicure

Usagi made cheetah look cute by making it pink (for voting: Usagi 02)

Whew! And now, you get to do the hard work - you pick the winner. Voting goes as follows:
- Leave a comment with the maker of your favorite design in the commentsection of this post. Please note that there are some people with more than one design, so please note the number that's stated underneath the design as well.
- Voting can be done only by my followers. Of course you may become a follower to vote! I will check if you follow my blog. If not, your vote will not be counted.
- One vote per follower please - you cannot vote for more than one design.
- Voting will be possible for one and a half week: I will close the voting on June 3rd, 2010.

So that's all for the rules I think.. :)

All contestants (and my readers of course) may post about this on their blogs or tweet about it to get more votes for their design(s).

Let the voting begin!

Friday, May 21, 2010

From The Vault: Zoya Yasmeen

Hi all!

Due to lack of time, I haven't been able to swatch ANYTHING the last one and a half weeks.. So I have something a little older for you. Zoya Yasmeen was one of my latest acquirements and I love it so much. Can you see why?

Zoya Yasmeen, I believe this was three coats. This picture is taken under artificial lighting, but in my opinion this shows you the true color of Yasmeen - my pictures taken by daylight show here way too blue. Yasmeen has a gorgeous shimmer to her, that colors both pink and gold. Stunning! I'm really curious to see how she looks matte.. Why do I think of that just now?? I stamped her with imageplate M21 and China Glaze Millennium.

Application was good, the polish went on smoothly. It did clash with Nubar Diamont though - as you can see it gave me major shrinkage *sigh*. I might try another topcoat to prevent that the next time I wear her :)

I won't be posting in the next couple of days since I will be out all weekend. I will be resuming normal posting on tuesday.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend :)

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

China Glaze Visit Me In Prism

Hi all!

How are you all doing? I hope you are all fine! The working week is almost over, so we'll have a long weekend ahead of us and it seems like the weather fairies are playing along - yay! Today I have a slightly older polish for you from a 2006 Collection from China Glaze: The Kaleidoscope Collection. I wasn't really into holographic polishes and I don't like the Nfu Oh holo's, but I LOVE these Kaleidoscopes! I managed to get hold of three of them; Kaleidoscope him out, He's going in Circles and Visit me in Prism. Today I have pictures for you from the latter!

China Glaze Visit Me In Prism, three coats in sunlight. Visit me in Prism is actually more lilac than my picture shows you, as she is a very silver but slighty lilac holograpic (yes, to me this falls in the holographic category) polish. I love the holographic effect that the Kaleidoscopes have:

See that it has more lilac to it? I adore this and I'm sure I will wear it a lot in the summer.

Application was ok; the polish was a bit watery but nothing unmanagable so it went on pretty nicely. Dryingtime was good.

I will be hunting the other Kaleidoscopes down when I see them for sale somewhere.. I want them all! What do you think of the Kaleidoscopes and Visit me in Prism in particular? What's your favorite Kaleidoscope?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fuggen Ugly Hot Mess!

Hi all!

A very quick post today with just my NOTD of today. I will do a full review with more (and decent) pics somewhere later this week.

Michèle from Lacquerized was so sweet to order some ManGlazes for me a while ago. Unfortunately, my bottle of Fuggen Ugly would not open! I tried everything, but the bottle was fuggen stuck. I told Marc from ManGlaze and he offered to send me a new bottle ♥!! Talking about great CS :D Anyway, I got my new bottle in yesterday and it opened! So I thought I might as well put it on.

ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly two coats on every nail (with a thin coat of Nubar Diamont) and two coats of Hot Mess on my ringfinger. Ain't that sweet? I'm really diggin' the combination!

That's all for today dear reader, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Boyfriend Approved Polish

Hi all!

How are you all doing? Today I have a polish for you that even my boyfriend likes (and he dislikes a lot of the polish I wear - don't get me wrong, he thinks it's great I have a hobby lol): OPI Mediterranean Moonlight.

OPI Mediterranean Moonlight, two coats and one coat of Nubar Diamont in daylight. MM (the name is horrible to type!) is some kind of slightly dusty dark peach with very subtle silver shimmer. This picture is taken on the fifth day of wear - I kid you not! This wore like concrete and I only took it off because I wanted a change in color.. But I actually had only one teeny tiny chip on my pinkie nail, that's all! Let's take a closer look at the shimmer - it's a bit shy so don't come too close at once!

Gorgeous right? When the sun hits the nail, the shimmer is more visible. I caught myself staring at my nails, moving them so they would get as much sunlight on them as possible, while I was enjoying the sun on a terrace at the water.. lol.

Application was like a dream. I don't have many OPI's that apply like this one - the polish is just right in structure and application was good. You only need two coats to get an opaque look.. It even dries quickly.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

China Glaze Konadicure

Hi all!

So yesterday I showed you China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic and today I will show you the Konadicure that I planned on swatching only, but ended up wearing for three days.

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic stamped with China Glaze Adore and imageplate M73. I labeled this totally wrong when I saved it.. Lol. Anyway I loooooove this combination and I wore this to work today and will do again tomorrow. Let's take a closer look *zooms in*

Ain't that pretty? Somehow these pictures show the greenness of Rodeo Fanatic better than the pics I showed you yesterday.. Weird.

Do you like this Konadicure? Would you be able to wear something like this to work?

And a little reminder before I say bye: don't forget to enter my nailart contest, which ends May 22nd!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic

Hi all!

First up I want to say sorry about my posts being in English only the last couple of weeks.. I really want to do them both in Dutch as in English but I simply don't have the time to write my posts in two languages since I started working so I hope you'll forgive me for that. I'll do my best to squeeze in some Dutch sentences tomorrow! I have to get used to working four days a week again and to be honest; it's exhausting.

Anyway, on to the polish! I bought this one at Enchantra about a week ago and I certainly don't regret it! It's China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic from the 2008 Rodeo Diva Collection.

China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic, three coats in day light and sunlight. Rodeo Fanatic appears to be a blue shimmer with a touch of frost, but don't let my pictures fool you! Rodeo Fanatic has more green to herself irl but my camera just didn't want to pick it up.. So imagine this with a touch of green to it to make it like a peacock green. She is Models Own Peacock's older sister. I really love this color! I don't own anything like it..

Application was good. The polish wasn't watery at all and I could have done two coats for opacity - but I did three to eliminate VNL in pictures. Drying time was great! I was surprised how quickly the polish dried so I don't have any complaints with this one. I planned on swatching it only for now, but I'm actually wearing this as a full manicure because the polish is so pretty..

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Massini Slamming Red

Hi all!

How are you all today? I have a very busy weekend - I'll be off to one of my friends bachelorette party so most of my weekend is covered lol. I have a true stunning color for you today: Massini Slamming Red which I got from lovely Ange (thanks dearie!)

Massini Slamming Red, two coats in daylight. Damn, this is a stunning color! It's a gorgeous red with a hint of pink (or is it a deep pink?) with tons of holograpic glitter and glitter particles. I have to add that I'm wearing three (!!) coats of Nubar Diamont over Slamming Red to get it a little bit smooth.. I'll get to that in a little bit. Let's take a closer look at the polish:

Pretty huh?

There is one (quite big) downside to this polish. It dries gritty as hell! Not a bit gritty no.. I put on three coats of topcoat and it still wasn't smooth. I don't like polishes that aren't smooth, but the color.. It's so pretty! So I had it on my nails for three days anyway. And with the grittyness comes.. Yes. A pain in the ass to remove. Oh my lord! It took me 50 minutes of soaking and scrubbing to get this one off. 50 minutes!

To come to a conclusion: The color is stunning and it dries pretty quickly, but be prepared for grittyness and a painful removing process..

What do you think of Massini Slamming Red?

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hi all!

Today I have a short post for you, but I like it so I hope you will too.

ManGlaze Matte is Murder with one coat of Nubar Diamont and China Glaze Awaken for stamping. I used M70 to stamp, it's one of my newer plates - I ordered a bunch of plates with mostly full nail images. I really like the contrast with this one, but I think it doesn't pop Matte is Murder as much as it deserves.. But I do think these two make a lovely combination.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Matter Than This!

Hi all!

So today I have something awesome for you! Dear Michèle was so kind to order me a few bottles of ManGlaze as well when she placed her order <3 so I have my first ManGlaze to share with you today! Curious? I thought so! On to the pics..

ManGlaze Matte is Murder, two coats in daylight. This is the best matte black ever! It doesn't get any more matte than this.. Most dark mattes are more of a charcoal or grey color, but this one really is super matte black. This is only two coats and they went on really smoothly without dragging or leaving bald spots.

You know me well enough to know that I can't go by any matte polish without putting some topcoat on it..

ManGlaze Matte is Murder with one coat of Nubar Diamont. Look at it! Isn't this gorgeous? Matte is Murder has a very pretty shimmer in it that makes it also interesting to look at when it's glossy.

See what I mean? This rocks!

This is the best matte polish that I ever tried and I like this even better than my Orly Iron Butterfly - which is definitely in my top 3 polishes. It's super duper matte and very easy to work with so I can't do anything else than love this..

ManGlaze can be purchased at and they also ship outside the US!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

OPI Merry Midnight

Hi all!

I hope you all survived the weekend! :) My nails even survived a game of bowling - which I lost, miserably lol. Anyway, today I have one of my favorite OPI's for you: Merry Midnight. Merry Midnight is a part of the OPI Holiday Wishes Collection of Fall/Winter 2009 and this was one of the shades that made polishaddicts go crazy; it wasn't easy for me to find this one but I'm ever so glad I did!

OPI Merry Midnight, two coats over Color Club Electronica (which I will post about soon) in daylight. Since I couldn't get my hands still, these are pretty crappy pictures.. Anyway, Merry Midnight is a gorgeous warm and deep shade of purple with tiny pieces of glitter and flakies. OPI did flakies *squeeeeee*! Flakies, you said? Yes! Let's take a closer look:

Application was good, I didn't have any problems since the polish went on very smoothly. I wore this for a little over three days and I only took it off because I wanted to change my manicure; I didn't have any chips, just the tiniest bit of tipwear.

What do you think of Merry Midnight? Do you think OPI did well with this flakie polish?

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Something Really Pretty..

Hi all!

How are you all doing on this grey and rainy Saturday? I'm still a bit tired from my day with Michelle and Michèle, but it was so worth it! We scored quite a few nice things so I'm sure you'll see them soon on one of our blogs :)

Today I have a polish for you that is a little more expensive than the polish I normally buy, but the minute I saw it in store, I actually already knew I had to have it. I'm not really into these LE's and I don't really get the whole Jade hunt that's been going on (as it sells for over $200 on eBay - yikes!). Anyway, without further ado... I present you: Chanel Nouvelle Vague!

Chanel Nouvelle Vague, three coats in daylight. The first picture isn't really color accurate, that's why I added the second pic. My ringfinger shows the color best. Nouvelle Vague is a pale light blue or turquoise polish with very subtle shimmer. This is three coats, but it would have been good (as in: no VNL or bumps) in two coats. Application was a little tricky since the first coat went on streaky and a little bumpy.

Nouvelle Vague is a part of the latest Chanel LE which also contains Mistral and Rivièra, but I didn't get those because, well, they're pink (and I own too many pinks already). I love love love Nouvelle Vague and I might even end up buying another bottle..

And a little preview from what's coming up at Nailswatches:
The Ciaté Summer Collection 2010.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catrice Lost in Mud

Hi all!

A very quick post today, I'm off to bed.. Have a long (and fun!) day planned for tomorrow :) I know this isn't the best picture (it's rather crappy, to be honest), but this polish had an insane reflection in it and I just saw my own face.. Grr! I will add a better pic when I take one!

Catrice Lost In Mud, three coats in daylight. Lost in Mud is a taupe colored creme that reminds me of OPI You Don't Know Jacques, but I don't own YDKJ so I can't compare the two.. Anyway, application was fine after adding around 10 drops of thinner, since the polish is a bit on the thick side. I really like this color so I think I won't be having trouble to wear it again to take better pics :)

I wish you all a lovely friday!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kinetics Mysterious Cloud

Hi all!

Ik voelde me de afgelopen tijd niet zo goed, dus vandaar dat jullie niet zoveel updates hebben gezien. Ik had gewoonweg geen puf om mijn nagels te doen - in anderhalve week tijd heb ik mijn nagels twee keer gelakt (I kid you not!) maar ik zal het normale posten hervatten wanneer ik me weer beter voel. Vandaag heb ik een lak van een minder bekend merk voor jullie: Kinetics Mysterious Cloud.

I haven't been feeling too well lately, so that's why you didn't see as many updates as you're used to. I didn't feel like polishing lately, so I did my nails twice in one and a half week (I kid you not!) but I will resume swatching and posting when I feel better. Today I have a polish from a lesser known brand for you: Kinetics Mysterious Cloud.

Kinetics Mysterious Cloud, drie laagjes. Mijn foto is niet helemaal accuraat qua kleur; de lak heeft een meer rode dan blauwe ondertoon. Mysterious cloud is een lavendelkleurige creme in dezelfde sfeer als Illamasqua Wink. Volgens mij zijn de twee lakken geen dupes, maar dat zou ik eens moeten bekijken via een comparison.

Kinetics Mysterious Cloud, three coats in daylight. My picture isn't really color accurate; it's more red based than blue based - as my picture shows. Mysterious Cloud is a lavender colored creme with a similar feeling as Illamasqua Wink. I don't think they are dupes, but I will check that later on in a comparison.

De lak is goed van structuur en ook het kwastje is fijn, maar dat wist ik eigenlijk al van My Blue Heaven en Luxury Purple. De droogtijd is prima en wat mij betreft zijn deze lakken echt aanraders!

The structure of the polish is good, as well as the brush. I knew this already because I wore My Blue Heaven and Luxury Purple before, but I wanted to mention this once more. Drying time was good and in my opinion these polishes are really recommended!

Voor mijn Nederlandse lezers is het goed om te weten dat er sinds kort een Nederlandse webshop is die deze lakken verkoopt. verkoopt sinds kort Kinetics nagellak! Ik was helemaal hyper toen ik het hoorde. De lakken kosten € 5,79 per stuk en voor de prijs van de verzending hoef je het al helemaal niet te laten; ik was voor 5 lakken € 1,50 kwijt. Toen ik bestelde hadden ze nog niet alle kleurtjes, maar er werd mij verteld dat hieraan gewerkt werd :).

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CLOSED The First Nailart Contest at Nailswatches! CLOSED

Hi all!

Well I told you about a contest a couple of days ago, so here it is! I’m launching Nailswatches first Nailart Contest *yay*! I wanted to do some sort of general theme, so I decided not to choose a too specific theme for this contest. The idea of “nailart” as a theme was not enough though.

I decided to do an Animal theme. Think cats, dogs, elephants, sea life and bugs like ants; fluffy animals and scary ones. Everything is allowed! As long as your manicure contains something that relates to animals, you’re good to go :) You can use Konad, you can freehand and you may use nailart items such as studs, glitters and stripingtape; as long as it’s nailart.

The rules are as follows:
- You can submit a maximum of two entries per person. You can email your entries to with your name and (if you want) additional info like what you used for your design. Your entries have not been showed on any blog, forum or other source on the internet (I want to show your creations for the first time so please keep them to yourself!). I keep the entries private till I put them on my blog for the voting.

- You do your design(s) on your hand and nails. Entries with pictures made of designs on nailwheels or popsticks (ie not on your own nails) will not qualify.

- You have to follow the theme.

- This contest is open to anyone that lives on planet Earth.

- I will take entries till May 22nd 11.59 GMT +01.00. Later that week, I will put the pictures on my blog, so you can vote your winner. Entering for this contest is now closed.

Yes, you read this correctly, YOU vote the winner. I will install rules for the voting though and I will keep a close eye on the votes that each person gets every day.

And now; the prize! One lucky winner will win the following prizes:

What's in the picture?
- Konad Stamping polish in Black and White, as well as Konad topcoat.
- Konad scraper and small stamper, as well as a plastic scraper (because I think it works better than the metallic one)
- Imageplates M63 and M79, my favorite two plates!
- Lime green Ice Chips from Dollarnailart
I might add some more goodies in the next couple of weeks. All of the prizes are brand new and never opened.

Thanks for joining in the contest, I hope you will enjoy it! Feel free to spread the word about this contest through Twitter, forums or your blog :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong

Hi all!

Have you enjoyed your Queensday? The weather wasn't great but we had a nice day, hope you did too! Today I have China Glaze's Blk-Bila-Bong for you. Blk-Bila-Bong is a part of the 2007 Surf Collection. I managed to get hold of a bottle a couple of months ago and it's about time I show it to you.

China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong, three coats in daylight. Blk-Bila-Bong is a blue or aqua glass flecked black polish. It's a part of the China Glaze surf collection of 2007 and it was the only dark color in this collection, but it is a true stunner. I believe this color is discontinued; it was not easy getting my hands on this polish. The blue/aqua glass fleck makes this a very interesting and pretty shade to look at. I love dark colors, but I rarely wear black because it's just a little too dark for me. The glass fleck in this is truly gorgeous and this is gonna be a new favorite of mine!

Application was good. The first coat went on a little watery, but all was well in two coats. Of course, I have to deal with macro, so I did three to avoid showing VNL. Dyring time was good as well! It dried pretty quickly, considering I applied three coats.

I made a closeup as well, for you to see the blue/aqua glass fleck:

Ain't that gorgeous? What do you think of Blk-Bila-Bong? What's your favorite older China Glaze polish?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: There's a little contest coming up at Nailswatches somewhere next week! Stay tuned for details :)