Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dress Like A Chick For Halloween!

Hi all,

I let my sister pick what to post today and since she thought chicks were cute.. Chicks it is. It feels very easter-y to me but it looks so damn cute and I couldn't help myself! I assume you can dress up like a chick for Halloween, so chicks on the nails must be fine as well :P

chick chicken baby nails yellow easter cute halloween eggshell egg nail polish nailswatches nailartChick nails! Ain't that cute? *giggles*. I used Hard Candy Splendid as a base and H&M Love At First Sight for the eggshells and the eyes. I used Wet n Wild Black Creme for the eyes and finished the chicks by giving them beaks with China Glaze Breakin'. They turned out pretty nice!

chick chicken baby nails yellow easter cute halloween eggshell egg nail polish nailswatches nailartThey would do great as easter nails as well, so I think you'll be seeing a variation on this creation somewhere near Easter next year too :)

What are you gonna dress up like for Halloween?

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  1. volgens mij heb jij tijd te veel lol

    Groetjes, Hanne

  2. This is adorable!! Look at the wee little chicks in their shells. :)

  3. keischattig! :d ik ga me met halloween gewoon heeel fel opmaken denk ik, beetje scary heksachtig :)

  4. Sooo cute! You'll definitely have to revisit this at Easter ~

  5. Really so cuteeee! But I'm going for the more gory look! I think we're finally going to have to minimum age requirement to visit our driveway! Muahahhahaha


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