Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CND The Look: Urban Oasis & Teal Sparkle

Hi all!

I'm feeling better, seems like I have a cold or something so I should be alright in a couple of days :) Today I have the present that I gave myself for you: The Fall/Winter set Night Factory with Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle.

cnd creative nail design night factory the look fall winter 2010 urban oasis teal sparkle colour effect nail polish nailswatchesCND Urban Oasis, one coat in daylight. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a onecoater! Urban Oasis is a gorgeous teal creme that is awesome in opacity, since it only needs one coat to be fully opaque.

The polish itself is a little on the thick side, only just a little, so the polish is easy to work with and applies smoothly.

But then.. There's an effect in the set as well. It's meant to layer over the colour, so here we go.

night factory the look cnd creative nail design fall winter 2010 urban oasis teal sparkle colour effect nail polish nailswatchesCND Urban Oasis with Teal Sparkle on top. Doesn't that look pretty?! The sparkle really compliments the color and the particals show op really good.

cnd creative nail design fall winter 2010 urban oasis teal sparkle colour effect nail polish nailswatches night factory the lookBonus pic because it's so pretty ;)

I have one little note though. I own Jade Sparkle as well, which has a rubber cap, but the two polishes in the set both have plastic caps. I love the rubber caps because they make polishing the nails easier so I hope it's only the set that has plastic caps. I'm a big fan of rubber caps so I hope they keep those!

Overall: I really love this set and have to compliment myself on the awesome gift (hehe). I can see Urban Oasis becoming one of my go-to colors because it's opaque and dries quickly. I already used the Effect on another polish and it looks just as pretty as over Urban Oasis :)


  1. love love love the sparkle!!! ♥ i also love your nail shape. it's just perfect!

  2. Ahhh looks great! It's on its way to me <3. Too bad though about the caps, that's what I like about CND. But, onecoaters totally make up for that ;).

  3. Wow, I didnt even notice the caps were different until you pointed it out! :P I wonder why they changed them? I hope it isnt a permanent change for the whole line :S

  4. I like how you can boost your mani with those effect polishes. :)

  5. Lovely! I really like the idea of the colours and effects polishes.

  6. both together give a beautiful result !! love it

  7. Abbie♥ aw thank you! That's sweet :)

    Debsterr enjoy! I'm sure you'll like them, they're pretty much my go-to colors nowadays!

    GildedNails Haha yeah I have a bottle of Jade Sparkle standing on my desk and I noticed that the caps seemed to vary in size.. So I put them together and noticed the rubber caps/plastic caps thing. It's weird.. If I know more about the 'issue' I will let you know :)


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