Monday, October 18, 2010

And The Winner Is...

Hi all,

On October 13th the voting for the Harry Potter nailart contest closed and the results are in! Without further ado, the winner of the contest!

Jessica! Congratulations on winning the HP contest! I will contact you asap :) Here is her winning entry:

Thanks everyone for your entries and casting your vote. It means a lot to me!

I had to exclude a pretty big amount of votes due to the fact that people weren't following Nailswatches at all or not publicly - I can't check if you are a follower. It was a bit disappointing that there were numerous people not reading the rules, but thankfully there were also a lot of people who did.


  1. woooow!! Congratulations!! it looks awesome and its so creativ!!!!

  2. I apologize, I'm one of those who didn't read carefully enough the rules! I thought the deadline had been postponed and since I had just got to your blog I tried to vote anyhow, sorry =P

    Congrats Jessica, gorgeous nails!


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