Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How To: Remove Foil From Stamping Plates Without Slicing Your Fingers

Hi all!

So today I have a little guide for you to help you remove the foil off stamping plates. They can be razor sharp, so I thought a couple of tips would come in handy.

First up: the plate with foil. I used WIC By Herome Graffiti Nailart plate B52 for this demonstration, but every plate with foil on top works the same.

Lesson one: NEVER hold your plate like this. When you're removing the foil, your hand or the plate can slip, causing a nasty cut in your finger. You don't want to end up like Mr Tomato here, right?

No, didn't think so.

If you're holding the plate for whatever reason, hold it like this:

This way, you'll stay away from the sharp edges. The risk of getting a cut is already smaller, but we haven't even started removing the foil yet.

So, when you're removing the foil, take your time. It can be pretty much stuck to the plate, so it may take a while before you get it off. I would recommend that you don't use your nails/fingers for peeling off the foil, because of the risk for getting cut. I usually use my tweezers or a small pair of nail scissors. I used the latter in this demonstration.

Peel a little pit on the edges, so the foil will 'stand up'. It's easier to pull the foil off this way.

The foil stands up at one point around the edges, see? This is the starting point for the removal process. I put the next couple of steps in pictures, I don't think they will need a lot of explanation.

And you're done!

Some general helpful tricks:
- Do not use your nails to peel off the foil. They're not tools!
- Place your plate on a flat underground while peeling off the label, or hold it in the middle of the plate.
- You can use scissors, tweezers, nail clippers or whatever you have handy to remove the foil.

I hope this was helpful! If you have tips, please share them by leaving a comment :)

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial... I cutted my finger once while removing the foil

  2. I've totally nicked my nail on the edges of these plates! Ugh, thanks for the tutorial though!


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