Thursday, August 19, 2010

Swatches Of Part Of The Orly Cosmic FX Collection

Hi all!

This morning, I showed you the first of my Orly Cosmic FX's; It's Not Rocket Science. Now I have four of the others for you! Four, you ask? Yes, four. I decided to give Space Cadet a post of it's own to show all her sides to you, so you have to wait a bit for that ;) But til then, meet these four pretties!

orly cosmic FX cosmix collection for fall winter 2010 glass flecked foil like nailswatches galaxy girl urban decay bruised dupe swatch nails plum blue glass fleckedOrly Galaxy Girl, two coats in daylight. Galaxy Girl is a rich deep purple plum base with aqua blue glass flecks. This makes a gorgeous contrast! It reminds me of Urban Decay Bruised. Not in terms of being a dupe, but just the fact that they're similar. Only two coats for opacity, so that's great.

orly cosmic FX cosmix collection for fall winter 2010 glass flecked foil like nailswatches lunar eclipse la girl groupie rockstar dupe blue purple flash nailsOrly Lunar Eclipse, three coats in daylight. Lunar Eclipse is a royal blue base with lighter blue glass flecks and a tiny flash of purple. When I saw the bottle, I thought it would me much more duochrome, but the duochrome effect disappears on the nails. It's a very nice blue though.

orly cosmic FX cosmix collection for fall winter 2010 glass flecked foil like nailswatches out of this world zoya mimi dupe purple glass flecks nailsOrly Out Of This World, two coats in daylight. Out Of This World is a gorgeous deep glass flecked purple. The bottle shows some duochrome effect, but this disappears almost entirely on the nail. In some lights you can see a little color shifting, but it's almost unnoticable. It has the same feeling as Zoya Mimi, although I would not call these dupes. Mimi is lighter and brighter than Out Of This World.

orly cosmic FX cosmix collection for fall winter 2010 glass flecked foil like nailswatches haileys comet blue green mermaid green nails dupe charla zoya catch me in your net opiOrly Haileys Comet, three coats in daylight. Haileys Comet is a glass flecked blue green mermaid color. Well, we've seen this before, haven't we? It's a dupe of Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net. Although Haileys Comet is slightly greener, they're all the same. If you own any of these, you can skip Haileys Comet. I love the color, but it's too bad we now have three of these colors. I love the cap for the application so that's a plus for Hailey, but I have to warn you: this polish stains REALLY bad! Please use at least one coat of basecoat, but I'd recommend using two coats just to be sure.

Application on all of these was good. Some were better in opacity than others, but formula wise I'd say that these were pretty consistent. Again, I love the rubber cap so that's a plus while applying polish as well.

We're missing Space Cadet, but I'll give it the post it deserves somewhere tomorrow. Meanwhile; what do you think of the Orly Cosmic FX Collection till now? What's your favorite?


  1. galaxy girl is so pretty! i wish TD would have mailed mine :(

  2. great swatches! I had staining the CMIYN and Charla too. Did you prefer one formula over another?

  3. nice swatches :) too bad none of the polishes from this collection really appeal to me.. =P

  4. Haileys Coment is absolutely stunning!
    I don't mind if its a dupe, I need to have it.

  5. @ jbrobeck Hmm I don't really know. I will do a comparison though so I'll pay attention to formula differences then. I had more staining with Haileys Comet than with the other two though, so be careful with this one..


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