Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plaid-ish Stamped Nails

Hi all,

So today I have the konadicure for you that I was wearing in yesterdays post (how to remove foil from fauxnad plates). It's super easy, but I loved the look and it's actually still on my nails. Yes I say "still on my nails", since I did this many almost an exact week ago and I just have three tiny chips. Not bad, since I didn't apply topcoat on this one (whoops)!

orly lollipop lavender purple creme sweet collection spring 2010 konadicure stamping konad imageplate m60 china glaze chg harmony romantique collection purple chrome metallicOrly Lollipop stamped with China Glaze Harmony and imageplate M60. I did this while I was swatching last week and decided to keep it on because I really liked the combination. Lollipop is an excellent base for this kind of nailart and stamping since it's a really calm color. I will be using this a lot, although I didn't expect to when I got the Sweets in!

Do you have any "holy grail" combinations when you are stamping? Like do you have certain colors that are favorite for your basecolor or your stamping color? Please share!


  1. Ohhh i love this! I need the plate


  2. Ik vind ruitjes altijd wat truttigs hebben, maar toch vind ik het erg gaaf staan op je nagels. heeft wel wat.

  3. Very nice!!!
    I like Orly's Matte Vinyl as a black base, because it dries lightning fast lol
    For stamping I try everything..
    Until now i'm getting good stamping with Konad black and white, CG Cherish and Adore, Magnetic Holo's, CG Up and Away...Basically try aything lol.
    Just ordered harmony, and that look really nice lol!!!

  4. Wauw! Echt heel mooi! Zo precies!

  5. This looks great! I'm just getting started stamping so haven't had time to find my favorites for it yet.

  6. FYI, that pattern is called argyle. :D

  7. Thank you ladies!

    @Morgaine thanks for the suggestions, will put some on my list!

    @sarahloo thank, didn't know that ;)


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