Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes Love 429

Hi all!

When I came back from my week in Spain, I showed you a picture of four pretty Spanish polishes. I already showed you Yes Love 402, and now it's time for 429.

yes love 429 nailpolish mermaid color shimmer blue green nailpolish nails nailswatchesyes love 429 nailpolish mermaid color shimmer blue green nailpolish nails nailswatchesYes Love 429, three coats in indirect daylight. Please imagine this to be way more on the green side - it freaked out my camera. 429 is a gorgeous mermaid color - bluegreen or greenblue packed with green shimmer. I love this! I *think* I like this even more than Catch My In Your Net and Charla, because it's more unique.

Here's a pic that's way crappier than the first two, but it shows the green better so I uploaded it anyway.

yes love 429 nailpolish mermaid color shimmer blue green nailpolish nails nailswatchesAgain, Yes Love 429, three coats in daylight. See how it's more green? It's awesome. I love this so much.

Application was good, no problems with applying the polish since it went on really smooth. Dryingtime was surprisingly good as well! And all of that for a bottle of polish for € 1,50..

What do you think of 429? (it feels a bit like talking about secret agents or something. Why don't all polish companies give their polish names? It's so much more fun!)

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. gorgeous! just like the etude house polish!! :D
    i have a swatch on my blog.. if u wanna see lol. also given a weird number instead of a name!

    love the shape of the bottle too... very very gorgeous! now i wanna go spain too!

  2. I love this color! I second the Etuse House comparison.

  3. Slimmerd, je had hem mee moeten nemen! :D

  4. The shape of the bottle is awesome but I love that color too!

  5. This one is gorgeous:)
    Love these mermaid shades!

  6. Omg, only 1.50?!
    I waaant.
    Time to go to Spain. xD

  7. Ugh I love this one soooooo much, its what I wanted catch me in your net to be on nails.. I love the greener look.. But with CMIYN you only get the green in the bottle.. This is just so perfect and lovely.

  8. Pretty polish!! And I love the quilted bottle pattern.

  9. I love the color! And the bottle is to die for, to be quite honest. How cute is that!


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