Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chanel Particulière

Hi all!

How are you all doing? Today I have a polish for you that only recently became a part of the permanent collection of Chanel. It's a polish that was on eBay for outrageous amounts and sellers were actually selling them! I know there are supposed to be like a gazillion dupes for this, but when I found out I got a discount of over € 5 at the airport, I went for it and gave in.

chanel particuliere taupe creme nailpolish permanent collection nailswatcheschanel particuliere taupe creme nailpolish permanent collection nailswatchesChanel Particulière, two coats in indirect daylight. Particulière is a taupe creme that leans a bit to the bleek taupe side, making it look a little faded. Taupe, how I love thee.. Anyway, I really like the color, although I would have liked it to be a little darker.

Application was good! I was a bit surprised since I didn't have good experiences with the application of Nouvelle Vague (being bumpy and streaky) and Gondola (having lumps in the polish itself) so this was a nice surprise. Particulière is almost a onecoater; if you're not such a perfectionist as I am, you could do with one coat.

I played around with my dotting tool a bit to give it a more summery look:

chanel particuliere taupe creme nailpolish permanent collection nailswatchesChanel Particulière with dots made with Orly Gumdrop. I like the contrast! It makes it look fun :)

This is all for today dear reader! I hope you enjoyed! What do you think of Particulière? Worth the hype?

Thanks for stopping by :)

PS: I was working on sorting the giveaway entries but I didn't have enough time to sort them all, so I will finish sorting them when I get back. I'm sorry it's taking this long!


  1. love the nail art! very retro feel... like a piece of fabric that would look awesome as a halter dress... :)

  2. I love the colour combination!
    Dot's are always nice!! :)
    Hope you're having a great time with the girls.

  3. Ja met stipjes is hij echt wel leuk :)

  4. I have always been looking for this color!
    Thanks for the heads up!


  5. Cute!! I love the color combo!!!

    I'm a new follower!



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