Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buenos Dias!

Hi all!

How are you all doing? Guess who's back from holiday? Yes, it's me! Lol is has been a week filled with sun and reading just to empty my head a bit. And it did, a bit. I also need my holiday with Michelle and Michèle! Only a couple of days, yay!

Anyway, I wanted to share a NOTD from before I went to Spain. The pictures turned out a bit less than I expected because the polish was rediculously shiny, so I had the reflection of just about everything in the house pictured on my nails.

mac blue india dusty blue creme htf liberty of london collection 2010 nailpolish nailswatches swatchMAC Blue India, three coats with one coat of Nubar Diamont. Blue India is a dusty medium blue creme. Dusty! This was actually one of my biggest lemmings and I recently got it in thanks to a lovely MUA'er in a swap which contains over 20 polishes lol. I love love love the color, but I got chips in a matter of hours so that was a big disappointment. I'll try it again to see if it was just bad luck or that the wear of this polish is indeed not that good.

Application is good. The polish went on smoothly. The polish bottle is a bit wonky in my opninion, so I had a bit of issues holding the cap to polish my nails, but I think that's just me lol.

I also wanted to share the pretties I picked up while I was in Spain. We only went to one little village with one little store that had polish, so I grabbed these four.

Yes love nailpolish green blue brown pink iridiscent shimmer creme spanish brand nailswatches 402 534 526 429Yes Love 402, 534, 526 and 429. They only have numbers, and I'm not even sure about the brand, Yes Love. When I google, I can't find anything on the brand - no swatches, nothing. Help? I can't imagine that I'm the only one buying these!

That's it for now, dear reader!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i love BI on you! This polish was my first foray in the craziness that is MAC LE! The last bottle in pic above is freakin' awesome looking!

  2. Next time you have to visit Portugal! Is right next to Spain and has beautifull beaches and landscapes!
    Besides, it's my country, muahahah!
    I love, love, love teals!

  3. MAC Blue India is fantastic! Love dark teals!

  4. Welcome back!
    This colour is gorgeous, what a shame it's easy-chipping :-(

  5. Yes Love is a brand very popular in Portugal and you can find many swatches in portuguese blogs like here Love
    and in Flickr here

    I hope this help you! I'm from Brazil and I have some Yes Love too. They are wonderful and these you bought are gorgeous, I loved the green! Can you tell me the numbers of these?

  6. Blue India looks gorgeous! I've never heard of Yes Love, but the bottles look cute. :)

  7. Ciate Paint Pots would be a good dub.
    Number 14.
    I'll swatch it for you if you want.

  8. @jbrobeck thanks hun! This is my first MAC polish as well, damn I was so excited to get this one! I'll post swatches of these spanish beauties somewhere next week I guess :)

    @Helena haha! My parents were staying in Spain so that's why I went to Spain instead of Portugal. I'm really hoping to go there one day though! (well, not for only one day..)

    @Steelinpurple thanks! I love the dusty look!

    @Cintia Orlando Thank you so much for your help! I really couldn't find these while I was looking for swatches so you really saved the day! Wow, there are a lot of polishes.. Eye candy! I'll check on the numbers and add them to this post :)

    @Zara Thanks! No I haven't heard of the brand before either, but they were really cheap and these four really really looked very appealing lol.

  9. Perfect color for holiday! Gorgeous on your hands!

  10. So beautiful. I love this polish; for awhile, I took it off my lemmings list, but now, you've reminded me how lovely it is again! It's going back on my list, haha. Great swatch!

  11. This is gorgeous. Looks great. Do you know how close this color is to American Apparel's Peacock?


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