Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flakie Poo

Hi all!

The day before I went on holiday I showed you Sally Hansen Leather Creme. I thought it looked a bit boring though, so since jbrobs was so nice to put in a surprise for me, I wanted to spice it up! She was so sweet to give me Nfu Oh 058 to add to my flakie and boobiecollection :)

sally hansen leather creme brown nailpolish nfu oh 058 flakies nailswatchesNfu Oh 058 over Sally Hansen Leather Creme. Er, right. Although I love 058, I don't like it in this situation. It looks like flakie poo. Yuk!

And another picture of the poo:

sally hansen leather creme brown nailpolish nfu oh 058 flakies nailswatchesEw. I don't like this AT ALL. I love 058 since it's packed with flakies (this is only one coat) but I don't like the combination of the two. Too bad, I thought it would have looked pretty!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. lol ur description cracks me up! flaky poo, too much cereal maybe? :P

    i wld love to have my own boobies collection too... only possible if i take a nail technician course under nfu oh in singapore.. :D

  2. Flakie poo :P haha
    I don't think it is that bad!

  3. Hahaha, that's a way to name it. Wouldn't something like 'Autumn Leaves' make you feel a lot beter wearing this? ;-)

  4. so cute!
    i'm following you
    please visit me if you have time and follow me

  5. Looks like a kinda lepard pattern?

  6. poopie boobies! LMAO! i am glad you liked it by itself, atleast!


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