Sunday, August 22, 2010

Essie After Sex

Hi all!

Have you ever bought a polish mostly for the name alone? Well, I have to admit that I had to have this one just for the name. Ain't that silly? I also have a polish with my name.. And I don't even like the color! Anyway, I'm drifting off. I actually like the color of this one so it didn't even turn out that bad :)

essie after sex red shimmer pearly finish swatch nails nailswatchesEssie After Sex, three coats in daylight. After Sex is a medium red shimmer with a bit of a pearly finish. It's not so strong, so you'll probably only see it when the light hits the nail. I think it's a pretty red, but nothing unique to be honest :)

Application was alright. Essie's brush is quite small and I don't really like working with it. The formula on this one was alright; it was a bit streaky at first but it all evened out in three coats.

It's a pretty color, but it was a bit boring to me, so I pulled out some konad and got stamping.

essie after sex red shimmer pearly finish swatch nails nailswatches konad konadicure stamping imageplate m64 china glaze millennium silver khrome nailart strassEssie After Sex stamped with China Glaze Millennium and imageplate M64. I used a silver strass stone from dollarnailart on every nail to bling up the design. Although I stamped a bit wonky, I like how this turned out! Can you believe it was the first time using this design, after buying the complete plate for this design only? I've had this plate for months!

That do you think of After Sex? Did you ever buy a polish because of the name? Tell me all about it!


  1. Wow, i like it very much :) Great solo, great with Konad.

  2. That's a very cool name indeed! ;D And like the design very much! Think I'll have to buy moar plates :P

  3. I never bought a polish just because of his name, but i confess if i found one called Helena, i would certainly buy it, ehehehh!
    Essie After Sex looks cool all alone, but the konadicure went great also!

    All About My Nails

    1. There is! They have a beautiful colour names Helena!

  4. Ooooo this konadicure makes me think: when arrives my cg millennium?????? :D°

  5. i definitely have bought this just for the name, guilty as charged! luckily i got mine in the sale section of target

  6. I also buy this polish onle because of the name.
    Of cause, I like the colour, but the name is the best!


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