Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kinetics Darkside

Hi all!

Today I'm going on holiday with Michelle from The Lacquer Files and Michèle from Lacquerized. Yay!! We'll be away for 8 days, but no need to worry.. I worked my butt off to scedule posts for you to go up, so postwise, you won't even notice I'm gone :)

Today I have one of my Kinetics polishes for you. I got a view in a swap with Linda from Latvia, but recently Alice and Jo's sell these as well so I ordered a view.

kinetics dark side grey creme nailswatches nails polishKinetics Darkside, two coats in daylight. Darkside is a medium grey creme. I think it looks lovely, but I picked the wrong season to wear it. I have to admit it matches the weather pretty good though..

Application was good. The polish is perfect for me; not too thick or too think. The brush is easy to work with and the polish goes on smoothly. Dryingtime is good as well, so I have no complaints!

I think this makes a lovely color for every season but summer, since while I wore this I couldn't stop thinking "this doesn't feel right, it's August!". I'll wear it again, but I'll chose a different season for it ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey i like grey on my nails too. Your nails are really nice and good shaped!
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  2. Totally love this grey! *-*
    Need to go and try and find a dupe of it o3o

  3. I love this grey! It's definitely not a summer color, though. :)


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