Monday, August 2, 2010

China Glaze Dorothy Who?

Hi all!

Already two days ahead in August.. Whew, time really goes by quickly! Today I have a polish for you that many nail ladies loved from the beginning, but it was in my Helmer for over 6 months before I finally decided to try it. Yikes! Anyway, I tried it and have to admit I was a little disappointed. I will explain why, let's take a look at the pictures first :)

china glaze dorothy who wizard of ooh ahz returns blue jelly glitter nailpolish nailswatches swatch 2009china glaze dorothy who wizard of ooh ahz returns blue jelly glitter nailpolish nailswatches swatch 2009China Glaze Dorothy Who?, five coats in daylight. Dorothy Who? is a gorgeous medium blue glittery polish. It's not truly glitter since it's not bumpy and it appears that the glitters sunk a little in the blue base, so I'd say this is a lighter blue glitter sunk in a blue jelly base. Awesome color, but the opacity of this polish has me worried. It took me five coats to get to this but I still can see a little visible nail line.

Application was easy, the China Glaze brush is a little on the thin side but that's an advantage when you're working with jellylike finishes. Dryingtime was alright.

I did a little konad with a design that I haven't used before:

china glaze dorothy who wizard of ooh ahz returns blue jelly glitter nailpolish nailswatches swatch 2009 konadicure konad imageplate m70 silver millennium stampingChina Glaze Dorothy Who? stamped with China Glaze Millennium and imageplate M70. The silver stamping gives Dorothy Who even more depth! I like it!

What do you think of Dorothy Who? How many coats do you need for opacity? *worried*

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think this is kind of simular to china glaze blue sparrow. That one took me 4 layers, and ik looks almost the same colour but with different glitter.
    And jelly always needs many coats!

    The konad is really pretty!!


  2. That looks really pretty!
    But 5 coats? Woah.
    I never went past 3 coats.
    The color is lovely though.
    I'm not the biggest fan of glitter.

  3. This looks gorgeous, but 5 coats seems like a bit much. I'm not sure I'd be patient enough to slather that much on. :)

  4. love the konad on the blue...5 layers wow...think I would go mad by 4 ;)

  5. Kaleigh Thank you! I don't own that one so I don't know how the two of them compare. I love the look of Dorothy Who? but I hate the fact that I need five coats..

    Anh thanks :) I usually don't do 5 coats but I wanted this one to be opaque when I took pics.. And I still didn't succeed with 5 coats. Bummer!

    Zara Thanks! Lol it's a bit much, normally I don't have the patience either..

    Martje thank you :) I love the contrast - Millennium works great with a lot of base colors and designs.

    I still think I have an 'off' bottle, since most people I know only need 3 coats.. :(

  6. I love that konad you did! I LOVE Dorothy Who? but I usually put 2 coats over something else, like a blue cream.


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