Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short Post That Contains Flakies

Hi all,

A quick recent NOTD post today since I had a sucky day (when you read this, I'm talking about yesterday). It was one of those days that I wish I'd stayed in bed. Ugh. I hope today will be better, but I will be going from appointment to appointment all day and have to study in between *stress*. Anyway, I posted about OPI Merry Midnight before, so I will leave the review part out.

opi merry mignight purple flakie glitters holiday 2009 collection discontinued nailswatchesOPI Merry Midnight, two coats over one coat of OPI Funky Dunkey. I finished it off with a coat of David, because I was planning on wearing this as a mani. It lasted for a week, but it was badly chipped after two days laying in bed because I didn't feel good and two days cleaning and tidying around the house.

Bonus pics because I love this polish so much..

opi merry mignight purple flakie glitters holiday 2009 collection discontinued nailswatchesopi merry mignight purple flakie glitters holiday 2009 collection discontinued nailswatchesI wasn't able to capture the depth of this polish in my first post, but I think I captured it alright this time.

Question: When you look back at old swatches/pictures of your nails.. Don't you just hate their shape? Ugh, I know I do.


  1. This is a gorgeous polish! And yes, I look at old pics of my nails and dont like them at all. My nails used to be really rounded but I much prefer them as square as possible. I love the shape of yours - they look fab either short or long.

  2. dit is gewoon zooo mooi... zucht...

  3. Awwh, I hope you have a better day soon :c
    I had a crap day yesterday as well D:

    Buuut. OMGFLAKIE!

  4. I am so wanting this lacquer color. Its awesome on you. And yes, I hate days where I wish I never got out of bed....I always want a "do over"

  5. Millie haha thank god I'm not the only one! I hate looking back, and if I had the time and energy I would probably redo all of my older swatches haha.


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