Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick! Throw On Your Sunglasses!

Hi all!

I have something for you that requires you wearing your sun glasses. Ready? Here we go!

nfu oh 064 64 lilac lavender dusty pink purple holo holographic nail polish nailswatchesNfu Oh 064, two coats over Aqua Base Coat in sunlight. Holoooooooooooooooooooo!!! Holy shizz, this is holo! 064 is a lilac-ish holographic polish that's just in your face!

I finally decided to try some after seeing them in person on our vacay in August, since I was curious - I didn't think I would like them on me. And to be honest, it's truly stunning, but I still don't know what to think of it. It's so hysterical!

nfu oh 064 64 lilac lavender dusty pink purple holo holographic nail polish nailswatchesOne thing is true though. I couldn't stop staring at it. I just had no other choice - I had to keep looking at it. In some angles I think it's awesome, in some angles I think it's too much. I can't make up my mind!

nfu oh 064 64 lavender lilac dusty pink purple holo holographic nail polish nailswatchesApplication over Aqua Base Coat was alright. I still had some issues with it since I didn't get all the polish on my nails smoothly, but it was way better than the application of GOSH Holographic (which was horrible). Drying time was really quick so that was a big plus!

If you don't own the Aqua Base Coat, I'd recommend trying it or buying the GOSH Fix basecoat. Michèle wrote an article about it and it's just as good as the Nfu Oh basecoat.

nfu oh 064 64 lilac lavender dusty pink purple holo holographic nail polish nailswatchesAfter all these pictures and staring at it for so long, I'm still undecided. I love the rainbows, but I just can't get past the fact that they're just so insanely holographic. I have to say, Nfu Oh really knows how to make holo's, you gotta give 'em that!

What do you think of the Nfu Oh holo's? Let me know!


  1. holy crap. that is the blingest holo ever!

  2. Aweeeeee! This is so beautiful! Lovely polish!

  3. wow! dit is echt super, deze wil ik!

  4. Pretty!
    I have 61 myself, and like you, when I wear it I can't stop looking at my nails :D

    I wish they sold holos over here!!!!!!

  6. ooh i want. really nice looking on you

  7. Wow that is amazing!!! I love holo's! This is just stunning!

  8. Amazing! I LOVE it!
    I dont think its 'too much" I think its incredible!

    just one question though..
    The aqua base coat is transperant? or does it have a certain color?


  9. Blindingly, traffic-stoppingly gorgeous! Where did you happen upon these in person??? I am dying to get my grubby little paws on some of these!!

  10. AnnKiins'♥ they don't sell holo's at all where you live??? :o

    Meital: the polish is transparant, it's a bit of a milky white-ish color in the bottle and it's not completely clear when on the nail, but you just see the pink of your nailbed through it when you've applied it :)

    Kristin haha Michèle brought them with her on vacay! We can only buy these at one store irl in The Netherlands so I buy mine online :) Let me know if you need webshop addresses!


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