Thursday, September 9, 2010

Favorite White Creme

Hi all!

Today I have my favorite white creme for you. I never intended to swatch it alone, since most people around here just think it looks 'odd' (like you painted your nails with correction fluid) but I think white nails look awesome.

I have to admit that I use this mostly as a base for Konad though! It's my go to polish when I need a white creme.

H&M HM Hennis mauritz maurits nail polish white creme love at first sight opaque nailswatches swatchH&M Love At First Sight, two coats in indirect daylight. The perfect white creme, imo - it's opaque in two coats. I have to admit that it tends to get thick after a while, but that's fixed with a few drops of thinner.

What's your favorite white creme? Do you wear it alone, or only as a base for nailart?


  1. I don't have a favourite white yet, they're all too soft and don't cover my nails.. So I'm thinking about getting this on at the H&M, thanks ^^

  2. wow what a great white nailpolish :D i have to have it!

  3. I don't own any whites yet, but seeing this one made me want it! Thanks :)

  4. I was searching a post like this: BEST WHITE CREME! I love using white creme for my konadicures, but it's very hard to find a really good white. Now the problem for me is: where to buy? Nearest H&M shop is a bit far from my house and I have no chance to drive there in a short time... :/

  5. I don't have many whites and I use them only for decorations but I think I will buy this one and try some stamp on it :)

  6. ooooooh!i likey! everyone raaaaaave about RBL underwear and I hated it. Still haven't found my perfect white creme =/

  7. @gnoma aw! I think this is only available in H&M stores with a cosmetics department so maybe if you're somewhere near the store sometime you can stop by?

    @Scandalous RBL underwear is a bit pricey for me (paying shipping and all on top of a $ 18 polish) so I was skipping this.. Thanks to Michelle and Michèle I found this one and I'm already halfway through my bottle lol


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