Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hard Candy Splendid

Hi all,

Today I have the first out of three polishes for you that I recently received for review. These are Hard Candy's and they come in a square bottle of 10.3 ml and a cute little ring on the cap.

hard candy yellow creme splendid swatch nailswatches nail polishHard Candy Splendid, three coats in daylight. Splendid is a very bright yellow creme that feels a bit like Easter to me. It's an awesome color that's not too bright or a pastel like we've seen a lot of this year.

Application was ok. The polish is on the thick side so there's easily a lot of polish on the brush. It's easy to handle when you get the hang of it - you just need to get less polish on the brush and more coats to be opaque. This was three coats for opacity and those three were really needed to cover up vnl.

Dryingtime was good; despite the fact that I needed three coats, the polish was dry within minutes so I could do a little nailart on it (although that didn't really come out the way I wanted it to be haha, but that's completely my own 'fault' :) )

I really like the color since it's a kind of yellow that I don't own more of. I have a ton of yellow pastels and a couple really really bright yellows, but these are darker than this one.

hard candy bottle pics picture photo splendid yellow creme rumor mill dark purple plum creme date night mauve pink glitter nailswatches
If I'm correct, Hard Candy can be bought at Walmart. For more information about Hard Candy and their products, you can check out

The product in this post was sent to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


  1. wow !! I love this kind of yellow color... I'm kinda tired of seeing the pastel yellow during summer... nice different shade for a change...

  2. Aaaaaw, these bottles are so nice! And the yellow shade is just perfect and so are your nails!!! <3<3<3 *faints*

  3. This is such a cute yellow. It's a true yellow and you applied so perfectly!

  4. @AnNeTtEe Yeah we've seen quite a lot of pastel yellows.. And I like them, I really do, but it's nice to see another kind of yellow for a change :)


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