Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hard Candy Rumor Mill

Hi all,

How are you doing? What did you do this weekend? I'm doing a little bit better again, so I'm trying to pick everything up again. I *think* (and hope) that I got back to everyone that sent me an email and I will work on answering comments tomorrow. I've had a couple of questions about the entries for the Harry Potter nailart contest. I will be uploading those today or else tomorrow so the voting can begin.

I have a huge pile of polishes that are waiting to be tried so I'll try to post those as soon as I can, as well as some nailart I did a week or two ago. Are there things that you would like to see on my blog in the next couple of weeks? I'm thinking of a cuticle rescue plan post as well, since I really neglected my cuticles the past 1,5 weeks and I'm trying to get them into shape again. Would you like to see that? Anyway, let me know!

Hard candy rumor mill plum dark creme jelly shiny nail polish nailswatches blackened almost blackHard Candy Rumor Mill, two coats in daylight. Rumor Mill is a very dark, almost black deep plum jellylike creme. I'm having difficulty putting this in one category. It's looks like a jelly, but the polish is on the thick side. It also caused me a ton of cuticle drag, so I'm not sure of what I should think of the formula.

Hard candy rumor mill plum dark creme jelly shiny nail polish nailswatches blackened almost blackI like the color; it's a tad lighter irl so it's not as black as you see in my pics, but it was hard to photograph since the polish is rediculously shiny (no shiny topcoat needed here!) so I couldn't capture the plummy color ánd avoid picturing myself in the reflection lol.

Application on Splendid was ok, but I don't like the application on this one. I'm hoping that this was just one miss and that the last polish I have is of better quality formulawise. I will try some thinner next time to see if it gets better, which I hope, but for now, I'm not a fan of this polish - only because of the formula.

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  1. ooohhhh nice and vampy! me likes!

  2. Too bad about the formula :-( It is a great color!

  3. Ohhh what I'd love to know more about is (well, I'm a new reader so perhaps you've talked about this in your blog before?) how to get such a gorgeous clean line between the polish and your cuticles? It makes your manicure look very professional and neat. No matter how I try to do the cleanup afterwards, I never get it to look tidy :( Q-tips are so thick they remove too much polish but the clean-up pens don't seem to work very well either :( What do you use?

  4. Papu Lots and lots of practice! And I use a cleanup brush, a really cheap one from some kind of dollar store. It's the same Michèle from Lacquerized is using in her cleanup tutorial: http://www.lacquerized.com/2010/02/clean-up-in-6-easy-steps.html

    I don't have a cleanup tutorial myself but I think Michèle did a great job in her tutorial! It helped me to get my gap better so I hope it will help you as well :)


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