Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zoya Kalista

Hi all!

In the last couple of months, I really reached out to the vampy part of my stash. Somehow those colors were more appealing to me than the summery bright colors, while now it's getting to fall, I feel drawn to pastels hehe. Anyway, I pulled out this pretty baby and put her on and I have to say; I love her!

zoya kalista calista brown shimmer polish nailswatches fall colorZoya Kalista, two coats in daylight. Kalista is a gorgeous brown with lighter brown and bronze shimmer, which gives the polish amazing depth. It reminds me of mahogany wood, somehow.

zoya kalista calista brown shimmer polish nailswatches fall colorApplication was great. The polish went on smoothly and I didn't have any issues with drying time either. Some of my other Zoya's won't dry with a quickdry topcoat, but this pretty one dried quickly :)

I really love these kind of vampy colors. I'm excited to try more of them so I think I will show you a lot of these in the future :D


  1. Oh, wow... that is SO my kind of color! I love the deep colors, the ones that have that deep, almost mystical-looking sparkle. They make me feel like fall, like there's a crispness in the air and... ahh, I don't know. They make me happy.

    That color looks wonderful on you, as well. I can see why you'd wear the vampy colors, they really suit your complexion!

  2. OMG, this one looks wonderful! I never though I'd say this but I love vampys! Your nails are gorgeous. <3

  3. OMG, thats gorgeous!
    I lvoe your topcoat.
    If you used one, or it's just the polish.
    So shiny *-*

  4. Kalista is such a great colour... Do you know of any sites where i can find cheap zoya nail polish from thank you in advance.x

  5. Omg! Did you use a top coat on this?! How did you make it soooooo shiny? I must know!

  6. Laynie Aw that's so sweet! I love vampies, they seem to suit me somehow :)

    AnnKiins'♥ and 7x2 I'm not sure if I even used a topcoat on this one in the picture.. It's shiny enough on its own to wear it without a topcoat :)

    LaLa I always buy my Zoya's on eBay, since that's the only way I get my hands on them. There's one seller, sparkling*nails that sells them for $ 0,49 more than the official Zoya site ( if you're in the US!) so that's not too much :) I don't know of a cheaper place than this!


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