Monday, September 27, 2010

Impression Beauty Salon Dimension 2010

Hi all,

How was your weekend? I hope it was good. I got out of the house again and this time I went to pick up Michèle from lacquerized to go to the Beauty Salon Dimension Fair that is being held at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. In this post I put a TON of pictures to give you an idea of the fair. I can't post about every stand we've seen since it would just be too much. Warning: VERY VERY pic heavy!

OPI bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesHmm... Bottle pics! OPI had a wonderful big stand that displayed all of their products, so of course all their polishes were there. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to buy any polishes since we're not professionals, but it was nice to drool all over the bottles and pretty colors.

OPI bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesThe other side of the OPI polish display. There were SO many bottles, it was awesome.

OPI bottles swiss collection fall 2010 collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesThe latest collection in The Netherlands; OPI Swiss. The Netherlands are a bit behind on collections so no Burlesques yet.

OPI bottles ds designer series collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesTheir core of DS polishes. The two next polishes were there as well and I've added Magic to my wishlist (although it looked a lot like Michèle's mani - Lunar Eclipse).

OPI bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatches go goth miniSwatches of the Go Goth mini's. I love love love Sanguine. It looks a bit flat tho on this swatch, but I still want it.

Magnetic bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesThe stand of Magnetics. Now, this was a brand I hadn't heard of before. They had quite a big stand with a ton of stuff for acrylics, but they also had a wide arrange of nail art products and polishes as you can see. I picked up three polishes - Will show you at the end of this post :)

China Glaze bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesThe China Glaze stand. They had a lot of older polishes (polishes from older collections) so I managed to snatch up three of these babies as well. Again - Will show at the end of this post.

China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection for fall 2010 bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesSwatches of the China Glaze Vintage Vixens. They had them all and they had a cute pack of four mini's as well. Too bad that the only two polishes I have, were part of the pack of mini's. Otherwise I would have picked them up. I love how China Glaze calls them mini's, but they're still bigger than the fullsize bottles of some brands.

Hollywood Nails bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesAnother brand I've never heard from before: Hollywood Nails. They had a complete 'wall' with polishes and they had a lot of colors. I only picked up one (which cost only € 0,99!) and it is an amazing duochrome/multichrome in the bottle, so I'm really curious to see how this looks on the nails. Michèle found a near-dupe of Chanel Paradoxal, so be sure to check her comparison pic out!

Trind bottles winter collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesThe new Trind winter colors. I'm so sorry about the crappy lighting, but there were big ass lamps on some places and small spots on others. Flash washed most of the colors out on my pics.. Anyway, Trind has some pretty colors out for winter. They release four new colors every winter and every summer so I'm gonna keep an eye open for those!

nfu oh bottles collection beauty salon dimensions 2010 nail polish nailswatchesThe Nfu Oh stand had a wall filled with tons of polishes. Look at all those Nfu Oh's! I've never seen so many together in my life. It was sooooo awesome to look at them! Well, I really love bottle pr0n ;) (Have you noticed with all these bottle pics?) I added Nfu Oh 055 to my wishlist since I was asking myself why the hell I didn't own that polish already.

We also went to the CND stand and we talked to a very nice lady that told us about an upcoming gorgeous navy polsih.. Can't wait!! We went to look at the Effects - they were awesome. I need more!

Well.. I told you I would show you what I picked up, so here goes.

A present for myself! I got my Spanish homework back on saturday and I got a 9 (nine!)! That's the second 9 I got for my homework so to give myself a little present, I bought this. Can you guess what it is?

Yes! That's the latest CND set with Urban Oasis and Teal Sparkle. Can't wait to try those. But anyway, that's my little present for my good grades. I also picked up three Magnetics: Glamour brown (a brown foilie polish with tons of duochrome shimmer), Shimmering Titanium (charcoal holo) and Powerful Purple (purple holo). Wheeee, holo! I wasn't really a holographic polish kinda person, but I'm kinda digging them atm. At the China Glaze stand I picked up 2Nite, IDK and LOL. I couldn't find LOL for a reasonable price on internet, so I'm really happy that I just walked into it today.

Michèle and I had a great day just looking at all the pretties. We finished it off by eating icecream so I feel tons better (not only because of the icecream, duh). Thanks Michèle for today!

PS: I'm going to try to pick everything up today and tomorrow. I will try to answer my emails first, but it's a lot so it may take a day or two. Thank you so much for your comments and emails, you're really the best readers I could wish for.


  1. Lucky you! I want(ed) to go there as well!

  2. leuk! ik wou eerst ook dat pakketje van cnd (the look) halen maar heb dezelfde kleurtjes van Nfu Oh gehaald.Heb toevallig ook de #55 gekocht, I abso-ff-ing-lutely love it!!

  3. wow wow wow. im so jealous. sigh i wished there's a nfu oh display i could walk into... sniff.

  4. OMG OMG OMG!! I wish I was there!!! Soooo jealous of you.
    Didn't you buy anything there?

    And yes, DS Magic and Lunar Eclipse are almost the same. I have a comparison on my blog if you are interested. But Magic is just a teeny tiny bit prettier in my opinion.

  5. I think that 2nite is the best polish ever! Love it!
    Also IDK is wonderful, of course.
    Great choice!

  6. its sounds like to two of you had a ton of fun! i am glad you got out of the house. i am here if you need to talk! xxoxoxo

  7. I wish i could have been there!

    Visit my Blog

  8. oooh ik had hier ook heen gewild! <3

  9. I see now I didn't read the last part, you have bought some ChG

  10. Gave foto's! Ik viel bijna flauw bij de nfu oh stand haha, heel naar! Die holo's van Magnetic zijn trouwens erg goed, ik had ze vorig jaar een keer bij mijn nagelstyliste gekocht, daar ga je zeker geen spijt van krijgen.

  11. Oh wow!
    You bought the OMG's from the China Glaze official vendor? that makes me think they still produce these then...mmm!
    I'm curious to see those magnetics, they loko like holos, are they magnetic too??

  12. wooptiedoo, as well with Michèle, nice to see you girls had fun :)

    I think i can speak for all; really looking forward to seeing the swatches!! :)

  13. awesome coverage!!!! I wish I was there!

  14. Oh dat ziet er echt geweldig uit! Ik zou eigenlijk ook heengaan, maar wegens omstandigheden kon een vriendin niet mee, dus ben ook niet gegaan. Joh heb echt wat gemist!

  15. Miranda I actually picked up some CND's, Magnetics and Hollywood Nails as well besides the China Glaze hehe!

    Morgaine I'm really excited to try those, but I want some sunshine to do them justice so I haven't tried them yet


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