Friday, September 10, 2010

It Feels Like Fall

Hi all!

Is the weather acting like it's fall there as well? It sure has around here. It has cooled off and we had lots and lots of rain. Yesterday was alright, we even had three beams of sunlights. It felt like fall, so I thought a color that made me think of fall was 'in order'.

I ordered this one in the time that I thought everything would look great with my skintone. A couple of months back, I realized that not everything looks good on me and since golds made my hands look like lobster claws, this baby stayed an untried ever since I got it in last December. I expected it to make my hands look red and ugly and I didn't really like the color in the bottle.. Untill I put it on.

china glaze golden spurs brown gold shimmer fall rodeo diva collection 2009 nail polish nailswatchesChina Glaze Golden Spurs, three coats in daylight. Golden Spurs is a golden shimmer that has a hint of brown to it.. I think. I can't put my finger on it. And I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by this little gem! It might not look spectacular to you, but it's one of the few gold-ish shades that I can wear without getting ugly red claws. I really likt it! It feels like a very wearable color, even in an office environment.

Application on this was good. The polish was just the right structure for me and was easy to apply. Drying time was good as well. I waited 10 minutes before stamping on it and it was dry when I started stamping.

china glaze golden spurs brown gold shimmer fall rodeo diva collection 2009 nail polish nailswatches bundle monster bundlemonster imageplates fauxnad konadicure stamping wet n wild black cremeChina Glaze Golden Spurs, stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme and Bundle Monster Imageplate BM11. Fall means leaves falling off the trees to me, so I immediately thought of the leavespattern on one of my Bundle Monster Plates. It turned out alright! It would have been better when I used a dark brown polish so the contrast wouldn't be so harsh, but I like it nontheless.

Do you own polish that reminds you of fall?


  1. I don't really like the polish on it's own, but with the konad it's much better!!

  2. love the color

  3. I like that color and love the stamping! I was playing with that pattern a few days ago, you've used it perfectly!

  4. This color has a great fall feel to it. I'm lovin' it!! A favorite fall shade of mine is China Glaze Ingrid.


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