Friday, September 17, 2010

Kinetics Misty

Hi all,

We've seen a lot of soft, soothing colors the last couple of months, and I know we're getting ready voor fall and winter but I'm not finished with these light pastel-ish colors! Today I have a polish from Kinetics for you.

kinetics light blue grey misty creme nail polish pastel nailswatchesKinetics Misty, two coats in daylight. Misty is a beautiful lightblue creme with a hint of grey, giving it the 'misty' feeling. It reminds me a bit of a creme version of Essie Sag Harbor, but the latter is more grey and has shimmer, while this is obviously a creme.

Application was good. The formula of this polish was great, especially when you think of it as an pastel-ish color. I needed two coats for opacity and those coats practically applied themselves. Dryingtime was quick; I used this color as a base for some nailart only ten minutes later and it was fully dried (I didn't use a quick dry topcoat).

I really like this color. It may not be very fall like, but I like how the color gives me an illusion of a summer tan - which has painfully faded by now lol.

Reminder: today is your last day to enter for the Harry Potter nailart contest! Please click for the details.


  1. Very Pretty color!

  2. I really like this color!!! It reminds me of the Queen in Chronicles of Narnia, which is a strange reference to make since I haven't seen that movie in years. but its great and if I can get my hands on it, I will! :-) Nice post!

  3. This is so pretty. I dont think I could pull this off though :(

  4. Let them have Polish! Why not? :(


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