Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She Went All The Way Around The World..

Hi all!

All the way back in may, I placed a large order for OPI Damone Roberts 1968 on the website of Damone Roberts. A couple of days later, I got a shipment confirmation and the pretties were on their way. Although it's a long way from the US to The Netherlands, I was getting a little worried when the pretties didn't arrive in the beginning of june. I contacted Damone Roberts and was told that they would look into it to see where my package went.

A couple of days later, I got an email from the manager from Damone, who basically told me the package was delivered in Singapore! Oh my.. That's not even the same continent! He tried to track the person down that had gotten my package, but after a week or two I got bad news. He told me I would get a refund, that would be processed in the next couple of days since the person couldn't be traced (if I understand his email correctly). I was really disappointed, because a couple of days after my package was shipped, Damone announced that the OPI Damone Roberts 1968 polishes were sold out. Boo!!

Thankfully, after a while I got an email that the person was tracked down in Singapore, and that she agreed to ship the package back to Damone. Whoooooohoooo! It would take another two weeks at least to arrive here, but damn, they would come!! However, when I checked in after two weeks with the manager, he told me the package hadn't been shipped back yet.. I was getting nervous again, since it was mid july now. He would let me know if anything changed.

I believe it was only two days before my holiday that I got confirmation that the polishes were shipped back to the US. After my holiday to Spain, I got confirmation that they had received the package and that they would send them to me as soon as I replied to the email. So, now, after 4 months of waiting, I received the package two weeks ago. FINALLY!! Thanks to the manager from Damone Roberts, who didn't give up and made sure I would get my package; thank you! (also thanks from the ladies that got their pretties out of this package)

So anyway... I got Damone Roberts 1968 in and it looked pretty, but also a bit like an ordinary mint colored polish. I tried her on.

opi damone roberts 1968 dr mint green creme nail polish nailswatchesDamone Roberts 1968, three coats in daylight. Damone Roberts 1968 is a very pretty mint green creme that suits my skin tone pretty well! I was a bit scared, since mint greens tend to give me lobster claws.. But this one became my favorite mint green instantly.

opi damone roberts 1968 dr mint green creme nail polish nailswatchesApplication was good. The polish went on smoothly with the wide OPI brush and it was a bit streaky at the first coat, but it all evened out nicely.

So.. Was it worth all the waiting and the time spent to track this baby down? For me personally, yes. If I knew beforehand that it would take so long to get these, I probably would have passed (who wouldn't?), but now that I got my bottle and see how it works with my skintone.. I really like it.

What's your thought on this color? If it worth the hype?


  1. Very Pretty! Your nails so perfect, any tips on helping them grow, or anthing special that you do?

  2. Gosh.. it's so pretty! Too bad my prercious one was killed by the postal service!

  3. Wow! What an odyssey! Your polish is a globetrotter! :)
    This shade is beautiful but it would look horrible on my nails because of my skin tone. But it looks gorgeous on you. :)

  4. I love it! Reminds me of a catrice polish, but I don't think it's a dupe.

  5. Barry M's Mint Green.
    Looks like it. xD

    Reminds me of a Chanel colour, I don't exactly remember the name right now. >o<

  6. I love this color so much! I got it during the first release and had to get several backups when it came out again cause I love it that much! Like you, a lot of mints make me look super red. But this one doesn't. And it looks wonderful on you as well! Well worth the wait if you ask me :D

  7. I don't think it looks like any other polish I own, maybe in the same color category but certainly not an exact dupe! That's part of why I'm so happy with it!

    Yuri aw thanks! Uhm I don't really do anything to let them grow.. I drink a lot, I try to drink mostly water. Hydration is very important! I also moisturize at least once a day and I try to use cuticle remover once or twice a week to take care of my cuticles. I file them every thursday (yes, I'm very strict lol) and what seems to help is to type a lot! Haha I've read that tapping with your nails on a surface helps them grow. I spend almost my whole day typing on my laptop, so you do the math ;)

    Debsterr yeah I still feel bad about that, even though it wasn't my fault but the fault of the delivery guys, but still. I hope everything gets solved but I'm still more than happy to decant some of mine in a bottle and send it to you


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