Friday, September 3, 2010

BB Couture Grenade

Hi all,

How are you all on this last working day of the week? I'm truly exhausted and I have no clue how come. Anyway, this is my current nail of the day and I'm really loving it (I'm saying this a lot right? Hehe well at least I'm liking what's in my stash!)

bb couture grenade nail polish for men green smokey murky mossy shimmer dark nail polish nailswatchesBB Couture Grenade, two coats in daylight. Holy moly, this one is awesome! Grenade is a dark, smokey, muddy green with golden shimmer, which causes a golden cast. It's absolutely amazing and entirely unique in my collection.

Application was good, the polish went on my nails nicely and I didn't even had to do any cleanup. Drying time was good, although I put a quickdry topcoat on top of it just after I snapped some pictures.

Bonus pic:

bb couture grenade nail polish for men green smokey murky mossy shimmer dark nail polish nailswatchesWhew, hot!

Now I only have one thing that I want to ask you about this one. I seem to be having these 'cracks', which aren't really cracks, in the topcoat. It looks like the cover of a paperback book that has been folded. Do you know what I mean? I'll try to snap a pic when there's daylight again. Is that the polish or just my mistake? It's an interesting touch, but I was wondering if anyone had the same thing with this haha.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend (and a good last working day this week)! :)


  1. loving this

  2. This is so great!! Normally I really don't like shades like this, but the golden shimmer makes it so awesome!!!

  3. Beautiful! I love this kind of colour, so I'm gonna need this one too :)

  4. I love it.
    It's not so easy to find this kind of color.

  5. this is one of two bb's I own and its totally amazing, great choice!!!

  6. Which top coat are you using? BB Couture usually doesn't need a quick dry top coat.

  7. @Kim no I know it doesn't need it, but when I intend to wear a polish, I put on a (quickdry) topcoat to extend the wear. But lately I'm having troubles with every topcoat I own, and the 'best' one gives me crackles, like folded paper? A bit of a wrinkled look, I suppose. Topcoat isn't supposed to do that!


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