Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wet n Wild Rustic

Hi all,

A real quickie today - I'm about to crash into bed (it's 0.45 when I'm typing this) after celebrating my sisters birthday. I ate some delicious chocolate pie and way too many yummy other things, but I enjoyed myself (and my sister did too). This is one of the polishes that Rachel picked up for me for our awesome megaswap!

wet n wild color craze rustic nail polish nailswatchesWet n Wild Rustic, three coats in daylight. Rustic is what the name suggests: a true rust color! It's filled with bronze shimmer, making it pretty to look at. The color in my pic is a little too light - imagine it a tad more brown (and thus a tad darker).

wet n wild color craze rustic nail polish nailswatchesApplication was a bit tricky for me because of the really short brush handle - it's so short and tiny! The formula on the polish was actually pretty good, so I have no complaints about the polish itself.

I hope you'll enjoy your Sunday!


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