Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure

Hi all,

Hidden Treasure is hiding for a lot of nail polish lovers, but I am one lucky bastard and I've had it for some time now! It's flakie galore in a bottle really.. I posted about it earlier when I wore it over Sephora by OPI Blue Grotto.

sally hansen hidden treasure flakie polish nailswatchesSally Hansen Hidden Treasure, one coat over one coat of Wet n Wild Black Creme. Awesomeeeeeee! I have to admit that when I look at the bottle, I'm kinda like 'meh'. I have that with more of my flakie polishes, because it just doesn't appeal to me from the other side of the glas..

sally hansen hidden treasure flakie polish nailswatchesBut then, when I put it on, it's like *haaaaaalelujah!* The main color of the flakies is orange, but when you tilt your hand just the tiniest little bit, you'll see yellow, gold and green pop up! It's so awesome to look at. This is over black, which is probably the color that gives it the most *pop* in my opinion (though I have to say that it's pretty amazing over pretty much every (dark) color!)

sally hansen hidden treasure flakie polish nailswatchesYou can see the colorchanging in this closeup pretty well, this picture shows every color that shows up when you wear Hidden Treasure.. *gasps* cool, eh?

Application is a little tricky; Sally Hansen's brush is huge and not that easy to work with. It takes on way too much polish, so you have to scoop that off before you put on the flakies over your basecolor..

Also, while removing these flakies (or others, for that matter), be sure to whipe off the polish to your tip. Do not scrub this polish towards your cuticles! The flakies will get stuck and it's almost impossible to get them off when they're stuck..

I see a lot of combinations with HT in the future..

Have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Erg mooi! Maar ik hou sowieso wel van flakies! :)

  2. Love it :) I have Nubar 2010 and it looks almost exactly like that. It is really pretty to layer over pastel blue!

  3. love! my favorite way to wear it is over a medium purple, like ChG Grape Pop or OPI Funky Dunkey

  4. WOAH! I must have this! It reminds me of a product by Nubar.

  5. That looks just like Gosh Rainbow. I LOVE IT :)

  6. I love thiss!!!! I cant find the sally hansen anywhere so i ordered the nubar dupe .. hopefully its as beautiful as thiss!!:)

  7. Pretty mani. :D

    I am wearing HT right now. I have it mattefied, today.

    When removing HT I do the foil method. It dissolves everything nicely and pulling the foil packs off my nails keeps me from driving the flakies into my cuticles, where they will lurk for many, many manicures to come. :P

  8. oooooh dit is echt mijn nummer 1 op mijn wishlist! de enige flakie die ik op dit moment heb is die van Essence... niet fantastisch. Ik moet denk ik echt een paar Nfu Oh's gaan bestellen! Mag ik vragen hoe je aan dit lakje bent gekomen? :)

  9. This looks amazing! I love HT.


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