Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kiko 245

Hi all,

How are you doing today? Last night the last Harry Potter movie showed for the first time in The Netherlands! Have you been to the midnight showing? I'm going this morning and to be honest, I'm pretty excited hehe!

Anyway, for today I have Kiko 245 for you. I don't really like the whole number thing, I accidentally bought one double because they don't have names but only numbers. Ah well. Kiko sure as hell has some really pretty colors!

kiko 245 pearly dark ruby red red vampy nail polish shimmer nailswatchesKiko 245, two coats in daylight. Kiko 245 is a gorgeous deep and dark red shimmer. I would call this carmine or maybe even bordering on maroon, but Kiko calls this shade "pearly dark ruby red". I don't agree with that, since there's nothing pearly about this shade. It's gorgeous!

kiko 245 pearly dark ruby red red vampy nail polish shimmer nailswatchesKiko 245 in lower lighting. As you can see, the color darkens to more of a brown toned vampy.

Application was soft, sweet and easy. The formula was exactly how I like it - not too thick or too thin and it went on smoothly. The polish was opaque in two quick coats.

I really like this color! I can't believe I've had some of my Kiko's for so long without even trying them. I'm going to try to grab them more often nowadays! I paid a shocking € 1,90 for this bottle and it's great value for money.


  1. Nice polish for <2 euros - like it!

  2. This is a really pretty color...beautiful lit-within shimmer. Harry Potter is coming out this Friday in the US, but I'm waiting until Saturday afternoon to see it! Can't wait!

  3. Now Kikos cost 3,90 :(
    I brought a few when I was in Italy. They have some awesome colors!

  4. It premiered yesterday in Sweden too and I was beyond exited and loved every second of it, and I have done three different Harry potter nail arts this week in honor of the premier!
    What did you think of the movie?
    / Teresia


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