Saturday, November 6, 2010

Barielle Get Mauve-ing

Hi all,

It's weekend! Let's hope the weather is being nice so we can go outside.. Yesterday was a sad rainy day. I have one of the Barielles for you that I got at the sale recently!

barielle get mauve-ing mauve taupe creme nail polish nailswatchesBarielle Get Mauve-ing, two coats in indirect sunlight. Get Mauve-ing is a gorgeous mauve taupe creme that I found to be very nice in combination with my skintone.

I think I could have done one coat and be fine with it, but I did two out of habit.

barielle get mauve-ing mauve taupe creme nail polish nailswatchesThis was the third Barielle bottle that I got that leaked during transport. The neck of the bottle had dried polish over it, sticking up and breaking off when I opened the bottle. The brush was wonky, with outstanding hairs and hairs that were longer than the rest of the hairs in the brush. Because the bottle leaked polish in transport, the polish got thicker and was really thick when I applied it.

I thought it was bad luck when two of my bottles leaked the first time (Berry Blue and A Bouquet For Ava), but now I'm concerned the caps aren't being put on tightly enough. I hope I just had bad luck and my other bottles will be fine.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hele mooie beetje muddy kleur!

  2. The polish look great on you. I'm a sucker for mauve polishes though!

  3. I love it. It's not what I think of when you say mauve, but it is lovely.


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