Monday, November 22, 2010

Stampabilities # 012: Random OPI Pt 2

Hi all,

It has been a couple of days, but I had a migraine that came up on Thursday night and didn't want to lie down until Saturday morning.. I've been exhausted the past two days, but the migraine is gone so I guess I'm back :) I hope you had a better weekend than I did! *plans a shopping trip and sushi in the next week to make this week better*

stampabilities you don't know jacques jade is the new black koala bear-y ink opi nail polish nailswatchesThis week's Stampabilities: Random OPI's. I randomly grabbed four from my Helmer and tried them for stamping. They all show up pretty good, but these are not "WOW" for me. They're all a bit muted on the nail and on the paper, but they are clearly visible and work for stamping. I was surprised that You Don't Know Jacques shows up this well!

I'm sorry the lighting isn't the best, it's been a bit of a pain to take proper pictures.. I hope there will be better light next week (although there are weatherpeople saying it will be snowing next week!) so I can get better pics :)

If you have suggestions for the upcoming editions of Stampabilities, please let me know! You can leave a comment on this post, but you can also send me an email.


  1. I am glad you are feeling better Daph! migraines are the WORST!

  2. Nice! Suggestions hmmm... You can do stampabilities on black instead of white for you light colours. :-)

  3. I like Jade is the new black, it's really nice as a stamping color!

  4. nataliedouka I can do that with light colors yes :) but it will have to be a Stampabilities week with only light colors then.. But I'll keep it in mind, thanks for your suggestion!


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