Sunday, January 17, 2010

P2 Stylish

First: I apologize for the amount of frazzle and chipping on my nails. I wore this color for 3 days in which I assembled four closets. I'm a bit amazed this is the only damage it has done, but I'd rather show you the color without frazzle and stuff.

So here she is, P2 Stylish, a hard to miss dark pink.
p2 stylish magenta frost shimmer nail polish nailswatches
p2 stylish frost magenta shimmer nail polish nailswatches

First picture is indoors, second picture is taken in sunlight. This is two coats with a layer of David. Again, I assembled some closets, so damage isn't as worse as it could be. The color is a hard to miss, almost fuchsia pink. It's not neon and contains a little bit of shimmer and is really shiny without topcoat already. The polish is a bit brush strokey though, and application was a bit trickey. Structure of the polish was a bit thick, but since I ordered a bottle of Seche Restore, application shouldn't be a problem next time.

I hope I can swatch some polishes tomorrow and the days after that. I don't feel too well, so I hope I feel good enough to polish :)

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