Sunday, January 10, 2010

Comparison: Barbie vs Cotton Candy

zoya barbie diamond cosmetics cotton candy pink creme nail polish comparison nail polish nailswatches
Index and ring are Cotton Candy, middle and pinkie are Barbie.

While I was at it, I thought I'd do a little comparison between Zoya Barbie and Diamond Cosmetics Cotton Candy. They seemed quite similar when I looked at the bottle of Cotton Candy and Barbie on my nails. They are not the same on the nails. Cotton Candy is quite a lot darker and barbie is more of a 'sweet' color. These are not dupes. Note: I didn't have any sunlight in these pics since it has been snowing for days around here. The color of Barbie is a bit off in comparison to the previous pictures, sorry for that.

Another thing: a friend of mine started her own blog this weekend, so be sure you check out LACQUERIZED.. She has beautiful nails!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. :-O Wat lief dat je me noemt! Thanks, zal jou ook eens promoten ;-)

    Mooie kleurtjes hoor, ik kan niet echt kiezen tussen de 2! Jij?

  2. @ gildedangel; thanks!
    @ Michèle; ja allebei mooi! Ligt een beetje aan mijn bui denk ik, nu vind ik Cotton Candy leuker ;)

  3. Lekkere kleurtjes Daph! Heerlijk voor straks in de zomer. Staan je overigens mooi die kleurtjes.

    Yummie colors Daph! Lovely for coming summer.
    By the way the colors suits you well.


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