Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ciaté Vintage

Zoals beloofd, vandaag weer swatches van Ciaté! Het was de bedoeling dat ik er meer van kon posten, maar ik moest even iets oplossen met nagellak uit de VS die ik betaald heb, maar die ik nooit heb ontvangen. Ik was een beetje somber, maar lakken heeft een therapeutische werking dus ik ben weer wat vrolijker!

As promised, today more swatches of Ciaté! I intended to do more swatches, but I had to solve a problem that had something to do with polishes I paid for but never received. Anyway, I was a bit down, but since doing my nails helps me to feel better, I am a little happier now.

ciaté grey creme vintage nail polish nailswatches
ciaté grey creme vintage nail polish nailswatches
Dit is twee laagjes, binnen met flits
This is two coats, indoors with flash

Ik heb geen idee hoe ik de afbeelding weer goed gedraaid krijg. Er gaat iets mis bij het uploaden naar blogger, want op mijn pc staat de afbeelding wel goed.. Anyway, dit is weer net zo'n droom om op te doen als Superficial en Sharp Tailoring. De lak is misschien een beetje aan de dikke kant, maar daar staat tegenover dat deze lak in één laag dekkend is. Op de foto is het twee laagjes, omdat ik niet helemaal mooi had gelakt. Het is een erge donkergrijs (op de foto's iets lichter dan ze echt is) en eerder heb ik geroepen dat ze er in het flesje uitziet als RBL Stormy, maar afgaande op de foto's die ik op internet heb gezien, is deze toch echt een stukje donkerder. Ook dit is weer een lak die ik zeker vaker zal dragen. Jeetje, het lijkt wel alsof ik alleen maar de loftrompet kan afspelen bij Ciaté!

I have no idea how to fix the second image, since there is something wrong with uploading to blogger. The image on my computer is on the right side.. Hm. Anyway, this is also a dream to apply, like Superficial and Sharp Tailoring. The polish is a bit gooey, but this polish is opaque in one coat. I used two, because I didn't even out good enough. It's a dark grey creme (a little lighter in the picture than she actually is) and I know I've said earlier that she looks like RBL Stormy, judging on the pictures I've seen online of Stormy, Vintage is darker. This is also a polish I will be wearing more often. Jeez, it sounds like I can't say anything negative about these polishes!

ciaté grey creme vintage nail polish nailswatches
This picture is a bit blurry, but a bit more coloraccurate than the first two pictures. This is also two coats, indoors, but with a teenie bit of daylight instead of flash.

I'm trying to find the right font and watermark for my pictures, so it's a little bit different this time. I think I like this better.

I do have a question for you, fellow nail lovers: some of my nails are peeling. What can you recommend to stop my nails from peeling? They're really getting weak right now, and on my right hand, two of my nails keep breaking and I'm stuck with nubbins on two fingers for a few weeks.. TIA!

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  1. Prachtig!

    About your peeling nails, what kind of remover do you use? My nails peeled more when I was using a non-acetone remover (Kruidvat eigen merk roze) and when I use a strengthener with formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin.

    I assume you already use a glass file and I know you moisturise like crazy so that won't be the problem.

  2. It's a beautifull color!

  3. I can't bear all this cuteness anymore!! Lovely colors in amazing bottles, *sits on hands*

  4. @ gildedangel; thanks!

    @ Kirsten; I use non-acetone remover because I get a headache from the acetone removers I have here.. Maybe I can try it for a while to see if my nails get better. It's only two nails that are peeling but it looks lame because my other nails are getting longer and longer and these stay short. I do have a glass file and I moisturize all the time so that shouldn't be the problem!

    @ Trinca; Thanks!

    @ Michèle; Lol! If we go and have a playdate sometime I can bring all the cuties with me :)


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