Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Irresistible Toxic Seduction..

Deze foto's zijn klikbaar voor uitvergroting!
These pictures are clickable for close-up view!

Wat is hierover te zeggen? Het is prachtig! Eén laagje Nfu Oh 52 over Misa Toxic Seduction zorgt ervoor dat ik niet meer kan stoppen met naar mijn nagels kijken. Het is net alsof het van binnen gloeit.. Zo mooi!

What's to say about this one? This is absolutely beautiful! One coat of Nfu Oh 52 over Misa Toxic Seduction makes me look at my nails all the time.. It's like it glows from within! This is so pretty!

Bonus sunlight pic!

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  1. Ze blijft prachtig!
    Hoop dat de mijne ook snel komen.

  2. Very pretty.
    Can I ask where you get your Nfu oh from? I have been searching for a way to get them in the Netherlands for some time.

  3. Thanks all! Can you believe it's actually even more fascinating to look at IRL?

    @ Steffie; I bought mine at fabuloustreet.com and affinitinailandbeauty.com. Both shipped within a few days, so I had my orders in 7 - 10 working days. You can also buy them at viis.ee, but I don't have experience with ordering there. I've read they're reliable on different forums though. Hope this helps!


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