Monday, January 4, 2010

New Home for Polish

So I got myself a Helmer - a cabinet from IKEA with 6 drawers that's perfect for storing nail polishes. It took me almost 2 hours to assemble this thing, so no new pictures of polish today. This is the new home of my babies:

helmer ikea nail polish storage

Tomorrow I'm going to put them in the drawers and sort them all out. It also gives me a chance to look at polishes I probably won't use so they will go onto the swap pile.

I really love reorganizing my stash, it's so much fun! So tell me; where to you keep your polishes? Have you got them sorted? If yes, in what way? Do you ever reorganize your stash?

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  1. I have a helmer for my nail stuff and I love it!
    I have only one polish that doesn't fit perfectly in there, everything else is no problem.

    I have my polishes sorted by colour and then by brand. I have days when I feel link blue or green but never days when I feel like OPI or Misa so it makes more sense for me to do it like this.

    I just reorganised and moved some polishes into drawer no.3. The helmer is filling up quick!

  2. Love it. Can't wait to see photos of it full. :)

  3. I am gonna get one of these to.. when i convinced the boyfriend ofc :P

  4. I also store my polishes and nail stuff in the Helmer. (my boyfriends idea). I'm really happy with it.


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