Thursday, December 16, 2010

RBL Recycle

Hi all!

Today I have one of the last RBL's I bought at the sale last year that was still untried.. Whoops!

RBL Rescue Beauty Lounge Recycle Green creme nail polish nailswatchesRBL Recycle, two coats in daylight. Recycle is a gorgeous green creme that looks and applies a bit jellylike on me..

I love the color and I thought this would be my favorite out of the bunch that I ordered, but I actually like Orbis Non Sufficit better because that one's dustier.. Application was good, aside from the ittybitty problems I had with application because it applied a bit like a jelly on me (as I mentioned yesterday, I seem to have developed some kind of jelly nail polish applying problem) but other than that the formula was good and the dryingtime was good as well.

I wore this for two days before I got bored and did some nailart on it, but I'll show you that later :)


  1. This is one of my favorite RBL colors. I don't wear green's much - but I love that it is a solid green with a jellylike look. Mine is exactly the same!

  2. Gorgeous mani! This is a really lovely dark green.

  3. amazing color!

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  4. Wow, that's cute but I want more colorful or such as neon colors. :) But I would agree, we need to recycle even small things to help each other.

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