Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dark and Cloudy Konadicure.. Sort Of

Hi all,

Today I have a Konadicure for you that I did a while back and this one gives me a dark and cloudy feeling..

konadicure m60 stamping catrice absolutely chinchilly! wet n wild black creme nail polish nailswatchesCatrice Absolutely Chinchilly! stamped with Wet n Wild Black Creme and imageplate M60. The color combination gives me a very sad feeling, like pooring rain out of dark clouds.. I think it's the color combination. It's somehow making me sad! I've never had that before.. Weird, eh?

I don't think this is a konadicure I will redo in the future ;)

The OPI Damone Roberts 1968 giveaway is now closed! The winner will be announced later this week.


  1. wow very nice! Super easy but very pretty

    X0x0 Tess

  2. Het is een heel mooi classiek patroon. Maar Absolutely Chinchilly is gewoon niet het mooiste grijs;)) Misschien groen of rood proberen?? Jou nagels zijn een droom!!!!

  3. well i think it's nice, maybe just try with brighter colors next time ;P

  4. I like it, it's very chic! But if it makes you feel sad you can give it to me! haha :-)


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