Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OPI Chapel of Love

Hi all,

After all the Christmas colors, I have a very nice pink for you today! I wasn't really fond of OPI's reds and pinks - not unique enough, I thought - but I've changed my mind. I'm discovering more and more lovely reds and pinks and those colors are rapidly multiplying in my helmer...

OPI chapel of love pink shimmer nail polish nailswatchesOPI Chapel Of Love, four coats in daylight. Yes, four coats, as it isn't opaque at all, but I love the soft shade of pink and the lovely (almost hidden) silver shimmer it holds.

OPI chapel of love pink shimmer nail polish nailswatchesChapel Of Love, four coats, with flash. You can see some of the shimmer here. It's the same kind of shimmer A True Ab-Original has and it's quite subtle. I really like it - I think it's a nice variation on all the bold colors I've been wearing lately!

Application was good, although the polish was sheer. I usually only apply 2 - 3 coats and leave it at that, but I wanted this one opaque before I took pics. I should really get me a bottle of underwear..

Anyway, I love this color and I think I will make this my new pedi color - it's so sweet to look at!


  1. such a pretty color! love it!
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  2. Gorgeous! Question - where did you pick it up? I've been looking for it in beauty supplies stores and can't seem to find it!


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