Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays Everyone! :)

Hi everyone,

It's Christmas! We don't celebrate it on Christmas Eve, but everyone who does: Belated Happy Holidays :)

I hope you all had a great Christmas eve - if you were celebrating, and if not: happy holidays for today and tomorrow!

To me, Christmas is being around my loved ones and that is how I will celebrate Christmas this year too. We're visiting family for a huge dinner tomorrow and I can't wait til it's time to get up tomorrow morning (doesn't really sound like me, does it?!). I wish you all a lot of joy, happiness, love and above all, health. It's priceless and yet not something that can be taken for granted. Besides the untouchable things, maybe you'll even find some gems under the Christmas tree..

Whether you are a Party Hearty or you prefer a more quiet Christmas, I hope Christmas brings you light - both ways. I always see Christmas as a start of a new year, even though we still have a week of 2010 to go.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays and a Jolly Holly Christmas - or if you're celebrating something else, happy holidays, or if you don't celebrate, I hope you'll have a great weekend.

Leaves me to ask you the one thing that makes this nail related.. Who are you wearing for Christmas?

Happy Holidays everyone.


  1. Such a sweet little post. Happy holidays to you too! I hope you have a lovely day with your family. Maybe you'll find a lemming under your tree too... :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! I'm wearing nothing right now (shocking, I know) but I still have some time before leaving.

  3. great post :)
    i am wearing OPI over the taupe. not very christmas-y, right? :)
    happy holidays!

  4. What a clever post! Merry Christmas Daph!

  5. A very merry christmas to you!

    I'm wearing gosh - holographic right now. It reminds me of gift wrappings ^^


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