Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Tomato Test

Hi all!

I can hear you thinking: "The Tomato Test"? Yes, that is the correct title for this post! Let me give you a short introduction to the idea behind this post.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the Bundle Monste imageplates in. They come in a set of 21 plates and are available via amazon. The plates have some great designs so I'm really happy to have these. However, while I was removing the foil that was on the plates, I literally sliced my finger open. Anyway.. This is the first part of my Bundle Monster Imageplates review :)

This post is picture heavy!

bundle monster imageplatesThe Bundle Monster imageplates. These are just 5 out of the 21 plates. They have a great variety in designs and that's something I really like.

bundle monster imageplatesBundle Monster imageplate on the left, Konad imageplate on the right. The plates are the same size, but Konad imageplates hold 5 images and Bundle Monster holds 6. Because of that, the images on the Bundle Monster plates are slightly smaller so that might be something to think of for the ladies with longer or wider nails.

bundle monster imageplatesWe're getting to the core of this review. See the edges of this plate? They're really really sharp. To demonstrate this, let's meet todays assistant..

bundle monster imageplatesMister Tomato. I will demonstrate the sharpness of the Konad and Bundle Monster imageplates with help of my lovely red assistant.

bundle monster imageplatesFirst up is the Konad imageplate. I will press the plate on the tomato and after that I will roll the plate back and forth over one side of the tomato.

bundle monster imageplatesYou can see the impact of the imageplate on the tomato. There's some damage, but not much. You can see the trail the plate has left over my assistant..

bundle monster imageplatesNext up is the Bundle Monster imageplate. I will do the same as I did with the Konad imageplate; press it on the tomato and roll the plate back and forth over it.

bundle monster imageplatesOi, that doesn't look really good, does it? Thankfully I can show you this on the tomato instead of on my own finger. The imageplate is as sharp as a knife! Damn, no wonder I sliced my finger open.

bundle monster imageplatesAnd this is what Mister Tomato looks like after the Bundle Monster plate was through with it. Ouch..

My conclusion; these imageplates have lovely images, but please please please be careful while working with these. I cut myself while getting the foil off, so I my advice is to hold the plate in the center of the plate while you're removing the plastic. Don't hold the plate around the edges, although it may be more comfortable (if you still have undamaged fingers, that is).

Besides that, my advice is to not let your children or other young kids play with these plates. If you decide to stamp images from these plates on the nails of children, do not leave them unattended. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that these plates can be very dangerous.

Have fun, but be careful as well :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. awesome review!! :-D Love mr tomatooo

  2. Very interesting review method, love Mr. Tomato lol

  3. OMG, I'm laughing out loud right now :')
    How did you come up with the idea of using a tomato, LOL!
    Nice review!!

  4. what a great post - sorry you hurt yourself. Has anyone come up with any ideas to prevent injuries yet?

  5. LOL!! Poor Mr. Tomato! Thank you for the info, I just ordered the BM set and I wouldn't want to slice my fingers like a salame!

  6. So sad you hurt yourself :( and poor Mr Tomato! What I did to avoid getting hurt was using an orange stick to remove the film instead of my fingers as I noticed early that these plates are very sharp.

  7. But will it still cut the tomato after slicing through a steel can?? Oh ... wait ... that's Ginzu knives, huh? XD

    BM plates are dangerous for sure, I've been meaning to get around to putting a backing on mine in hopes it might help

  8. Fantastic post - thanks for the warning.

  9. I echo: Great post - thanks for the information. And Mr Tomato rocks.

  10. These really are dangerous! My sister was looking through mine when they first arrived, and she cut several of her fingers. Be careful, everyone!

  11. I've heard they're sharp but this definitely proves it!!

  12. Arme meneer tomaat! Ik had het zelfde probleem met die dingen, auw....
    Leuk gedaan :)


  14. poor Mister Tomato. thanks for the review though ;)

  15. ha, that's funny! What a cute post idea!

  16. I also got a cut because of these image plates hahhaah! we just have to be careful! :P

  17. OMG, this really cracked me up. i love you, and mr. tomato!


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